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DDO Dance Party
Pieter Brugel the Elder’s original version of /dance3 can be found here

I am working on an illustrated guide to all of the existing DDO dances. I should have it by the end of the week. But it got me to thinking. Why aren’t there more? More dances? The world is full of awesome dances that could be used as models.


Think about it. I did, and here’s what I came up with:


Male and female: the Russian squat dance, whatever it is called (the hopak?).


In keeping with the apparent tradition of elf maiden hip action, female elves add the Hula. Aloha oi! Males continue their jumpy/random arm flailing styles by including the Cabbage Patch Stomp.

Half Elves

Females do the Samba. So do males, but they do the male version. And the females look way better while doing it.

Half Orcs/Purple Dragon Knights

A perfect companion to their Haka /dance, although not as silly as their Killer /dance2, I propose Tai Chi for /dance3. It even rhymes.


Girls get the Pogo. Boys Jump Around.

Humans/Shadar Kai

No one can top the Elaine /dance that human ladies get. But line dancing is close. So I suggest the Boot Scoot Boogie. Meanwhile, the guys have it worse as they do it up Gangnam Style.


Three words – pop n’ lock. Not sure that ‘n’ really counts as a word though.

I am imagining this world where everyone gets three /dances and I think it is a better world. More fun, more imaginative, more more. Even if there is zero chance of it ever happening.

What dances do you think would best go with which races?

Go ahead – have at it. Or dance at it, as the case may be.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. hehe. i would love to have more dances~! heck, i’d love if i could do any of the dances available on anyone else… i would SO do the male half elf riverdance and dougie dance on any of my other characters… lol

    but your comment about male humans getting “Gangnam style” kinda made me chuckle. humans… male and female both…in GW2 got the “every day i’m shufflin'” dance. XD

  2. But with those suggestions, where would headbanging fit in? I suggest WF/bladeforged because METAL! \m/

  3. I’ve always thought they could sell Otto’s Dance in the DDO store, /otto, at least for halflings 😉

  4. The “other” D&D-based MMO (*cough* Neverwinter *cough*) has several dances to choose from: ‘folk’ (looks like a type of “jig”), ‘seductive’, ‘snake’ (more ‘jerky’ style of ‘seductive’), ‘two step’ (“club” style), ‘wave’, and even ‘zombie’. For whatever reason, “zombie” is the only style that is not persistent…

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