Mar 172017

You know the last thing I need? The very last thing? I think it is another character on Sarlona. Nonetheless, a new race exists and must be explored, even if only the casual kind of exploration I do now.

Thus was born Marquoz of Rigel, 7th level Dragonborn Warlock, and my 21st Sarlonan.

Marquoz of Rigel

I find it interesting that after all these years, I created a new Marquoz only two months ago, and now here I am creating another instance. This one not a Cleric, which is actually a shocking deviation from the Marquoz template, but here he is nonetheless. I don’t need another Cleric, I don’t have a full-on Warlock, and I have mutated backstories before to make an old character template fit a new game.

Marquoz of Rigel, Warlock, Soul Eater. Not sure how that works with him being Chaotic Good, you would expect a follower of Cthulhu to be evil, and this is partly why I haven’t created a full-on Warlock yet, but I am forging on with this nonetheless. Perhaps a good follower of Cthulhu? Is that possible? Working to honor the Great Ancient One but also to keep him sleeping at the same time?

I did not take the time to scope out his build in advance. Since I am doing it on the-fly, I have to follow build-on-the-fly rules:

  • Pick one or two things
  • Make every choice about those one or two (or maybe three) things
  • Ignore everything else
  • Don’t think, pick!

This is how Marquoz ends up with 20 CHA, 18 CON, every acid-related feat and enhancement, and not much of anything else.


Everything Charisma or Constitution, nothing else.


Acid everywhere!


I did take Force of Personality. And his spell choices were mainly defensive buffs. But everything else is about throwing as much acid at the bad guys as is possible.

I found a way to make him a Black Dragon that still looks like Marquoz – who is traditionally lily white. Go through the character builder as a White Dragon until you reach the color choices. Choose White. Then back up and repeat as a Black Dragon without touching color again. Was this really necessary? Don’t know, and with the beginning of the work day looming, no time to find out.


He looks pretty Rigellian. I am pleased.

It worked and that is good enough for me.

I don’t have any idea how often Marquoz will get played, but since I am pretty casual I suspect his time will be limited. Too bad really, this is an interesting concept and I’d like to see it matured.

In retrospect, Earth Sorceror would have been a good choice too. But again, I have sorcerors already and no Warlock. I wonder which will turn out to have been the most effective use of the dragonborn’s Draconic Heritage?

What do you think? Or are you all building melee Dragonborn?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. No I TR’d my current (human) Warlock into a Dragonborn Warlock last night. I had a slight problem deciding on heritage as my Warlock build is Fey (sonic damage) and that isn’t an option…..

    But he looks fab! (I almost went with white too…)

  2. I did your Earth Savant Dragonborn, Geoff. Currently level 5, ITR’d from Morgraine. (Wit can’t do it yet as she is not level 30). I also tried soloing Reaper 2 on her. Some quests are good for it, while others like Butcher’s Path are not so good for Reaper…

  3. A true follower of Cthulhu should be true neutral. Cthulhu laughs at your pathetic two dimensional alignment system.

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