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You see these in a lot of places. Sometimes it is obvious what they are, but not always. For instance, this one is my favorite, a set of handbills rather than just one, I’ve seen it most recently in the office of Toven d’Cannith.



I have no idea what these notes are discussing, but it surely does seem fascinating. Is that a playbill on the left? maybe a menu on the right? And a Polaroid of something in the left lower center? I wonder what the Eberron version of a Polaroid would be – certainly something made by House Cannith, right?

Most of handbills I see are more obvious, like this wanted posted for Captain Tew and Ratty:


handbill tew

At least I assume it is a wanted posted. It has that look. I’ve seen the Tew poster in a variety of differing locations.

I would have sworn that there were handbills advertising the Phiarlan Carnival, but when I went to get a screenshot I found these instead:

handbills house p

Nice, but not the Phiarlan Carnival. The one on the right no longer even exists, that is the original Marketplace tent that was destroyed by devil attack ten years ago. Perhaps it is advertising a play about the attack? Nor do I recognize the elven lass on the left. Someone, I am sure, but who?

What other handbills have you noticed? Do you have a favorite? Did I completely hallucinate the handbill for the Phiarlan Carnival?

Post your bills!

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  1. I didn’t know you were a flower sniffer. Congratulations.

    I’ve always been partial to the painting of the dragon sitting. It shows up in a lot of sewers for some reason. I assume it must be a mass produced poster. I guess the dragon is like the Eberron equivalent of a pop-star given how often it shows up.

    I might even endeavour to screenshot it some day.

  2. That one on the left makes me think of Malicia without the top hat.

    I haven’t paid much attention to posters lately, but they are a nice touch to the game πŸ™‚

  3. My favorite DDO artwork is the Harry Potter-esque moving painting in Haunted Halls. There’s also a painting of a minotaur that I’ve seen in several places. And some of the art hanging on airship walls is very nice.

    Gonna have to keep an eye out for more and see what secrets might be lurking in those innocuous-looking flyers about town!

  4. So I was thinking (always dangerous) – maybe the handbills for the Carnival (which, I believe you are correct in that I’ve at least seen handbills in House P that looked like they were for the Carnival) are “taken down” after you run the chain? You know, like how the barker is first standing beckoning all to enter before you run the capstone, but is then down on his knees with House P agents about him after you run the capstone.

    Maybe you need to roll-up a new toon on Thelanis and find out. (See what I did there, Even?)

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