Jan 152014

A three-panel scene:

Elminster panel 1

Elminster panel 2

Elminster panel 3

What is it? And what is everyone else saying?

Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Panel 1:-
    Player 1: “Of course you need the bloody spell components, Mr High-And-Mighty-Wizard… you don’t see this crap from Gandalf.. {grumble grumble}”
    Ana: “{flutters eyelashes at Elminster} You’re soooo powerful!”
    Albus/Garret: “I need healing immediately!”
    Panther: “{growl}”

    Panel 2:-
    Player 1 (from the background): “Do this, do that, bossy sod…{grumble grumble}”
    Ana: “OOoh pretty lights!”

    Panel 3:-
    Player 1: “You want me to jump through that?? What’s on the other side eh? And what do you mean ‘I will stay behind’?!?”
    Ana (skipping): “la la la.. off to see more pretty lights”
    Player 1: “{facepalm} Alright, I’m going..”

    Oh, and it’s The Portal Opens in Sschindylryn-a-ding-dong πŸ˜€

  2. Fairly sure Grim nailed it.

  3. Panel 1:
    Ana: Oh goody, a shopping trip!
    Halfling: Muuuuuuuuuuuuum! I wanna ride in the trolley! Panther can pull me & make it a chariot!
    Albus/Garret: I’m with security & I’m sorry ma’am, but there’s no pets….
    Panther: *gives a look*
    Albus/Garret: …uh… ok, seeing eye cats are fine, carry on *hurries away*

    Panel 2:
    Player 1 (from out of shot): “hold the portal? what are you talking about? it’s a PACKAGE at a POST OFFICE” *muted grumbling about grandad’s ongoing senility*

    Panel 3:
    Player 1: “Uh.. in there? It’s just a bunch of old coats… oh hush Lucy… Fine…” *muffled calls from inside* “Um… why the hell do you keep a lampost in your wardrobe? i’ve heard of picking up a traffic cone after a bender but really?”

  4. Panel 1:
    Halfling: Is that supposed to be some type of “short” joke? If so, it’s not funny…
    Panther: *Purr* *Purr* *Purr*
    Hireling: What is this “haste” and how do you make it? Is it anything like Hasty pudding? Do you have the recipe?
    Ana: I wonder if this dress makes me look fat…
    Panther Cub Pet: Meow.

    Panel 2:
    Hireling: You there, Drider! Take this message to…to…um, Elminster, where did you want the Drider dispatched to?
    Halfling: Oh lord… *facepalm*
    Panther: *Roar!*
    Ana: Oh dear! My shoes are scuffed. Guess I’ll need to go buy another pair…or 12…
    Panther Cub: *Hiss!*

    Panel 3:
    Ana: Yay! Road Trip!
    Panther: *Zzzzzzz*
    Panther Cub: *Zzzzzzz*
    Wolf Pup (who apparently came out of nowhere): *Woof!*
    Hireling: Follow me! I know the way!
    Halfling: “Come out to Sschindylryn, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…” Yeah, right – why do I always attract the crazy ones? Why? Why?


  5. Nice ones everyone, thanks!

  6. Oh and yes, it was The Portal Opens

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