Oct 292011

No one likes lag. Nothing is more frustrating than freezing up and being logged out only to come back and find yourself dead.* Even when lag is occasional skips and pops, it drives us all crazy.

*Ok, yes, some things are more frustrating, unless one limits the world of possible frustrations to only those that may occur in game. Within that context, lag frustration reigns supreme.

Last year’s version of the Mabar event induced lag that was so ultimately stultifying that I never actually saw the Spectral Dragon move, not even once. Most of the time I didn’t get to see him at all, we would enter the summons area, take up positions at the altar, and then five minutes would go by before my screen completely redrew. By the time it did, it was over.

This year it is much improved, but still, not smooth. The animation skips and pops and the frame rate drops. I do actually see the dragon, every time! There is movement and everything.

But still, skips and pops and chatter, even though I am on a pretty decent rig with a very good connection. Playable, and much better than last year, but the lag is still noticeable.

I wonder what it is about the event that is so hard on the game? The number of players in each instance? Generating so many Night Gargoyles on the fly? Something about the dragon itself? It is really large and really translucent and maybe that makes for a bad combination?

Too bad really, it is a fun event, but the lag gives it a bit of a negative image.

The Spectral Dragon
Brings pain and death to all things
Even the servers

MajMalphunction promises even less lag next year. Yay!

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  1. Until last night I had not experience any lag at all while in the event. Now, during the preview there was one time It took 2 minutes to get from the teleport spot in the House of Wizardry and out the door. Then it was a 5 minute journey from there to the graveyard instance. I was watching a multitude of toons running in place like myself. Once IN the graveyard…no lag. Comic and I had two successful runs under our belts, once in the preview and again on Thursday. No lag to be found. Friday, at work, when I finally was able to play the game, I was in Shavarath, and had to take a 15 minute break because of lag. Connection was green, everything seemed normal, movement was nonexistent. Last night Comic and I entered into an instance of the Dragon quest, positioned ourselves by a lever, and everything seemed fine. All of a sudden my casting motions produced…nothing. It took 30 seconds or more for my firewalls to show up. I blew all my spell points so I drank a pot…5 seconds before an altar was destroyed due to lag. So the monster finally bit me, and it was not good.

  2. I’ve stayed out of the event, might try it today but doubtful. The lag causes problems everywhere, and combined with a reduced player pool for non-event activities, it really turns me off on the whole event thing.

    Too many mobs in too many places result in too many messages going around an instance.

    We had a very rough VoD last night and could tell when the dragon part of the event opened. Casters everywhere complaining of spell cast timing, that I didn’t believe until I took my bard to weapons shipment.

  3. But – this is the key – it really is much better than it was last year.

  4. And it won’t last forever

  5. Spoke to soon. Tried a Dragon run on Cannith and it was unplayable. Utterly. I wonder if it varies from server to server? Or from one spawn to the next?

  6. It definitely varies, but not just by time and server. At one point my brother and I ended up in different dragon instances at the same time on the same server. His was completely unplayable, mine went relatively smooth.

    I think part of the problem is that it putting groups together this year instead of just placing you first come first server into the instances. If it tries to put too many full raid groups in the same instance it can end up being overpopulated and unplayable.

  7. Ran another dragon last night on my level 20. This time the people prepped the altars VERY fast. I got the “less than 16 notice two times in the first minute. Then nothing, after about 2 minutes in the whole place was prepped and we probably had about 20 or so people in there. Smooth as silk, not one hint of lag, took maybe 3 minutes tops and we were done.

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