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Water Them'ed Dungeons

Water Them’ed Dungeons

I will not speak to the Who, the How, the Why but perhaps I’ll whisper of the When Inspiration plugs in. It did and here is a bit of what it did; January 30 2014. Wasn’t my idea. It was the fault of another great post by……..Him. Uno?!
Note: The following story remains incomplete and though based on real locations and NPCs both living and undead it is a work of fiction non-fiction.

A very young Bragdii Wyvernborne stumbles as she starts across the shallow stream in Cavern #2. Lost in her panic the torch “Splii…shhh!” is extinguished and with a squeal of despair Bragdii tumbles into the current and is gone. Unable to stop her plight, the dwarf continues to gain momentum as she sprawls through several more caves before finally exiting the complex by way of Cavern #16.
Screams of fear and pleas for help echoe from cave to cave and soon all the denizens of the complex are in an uproar: alerted to the presence of the intruders. Bragdii’s companions are forced to abandon their quest and flee to the surface. Shaken by the loss of their friend the surviving members of the ill-fated expedition take a united vow of silence on the matter and under cover of the rooster’s crow return to their family farms. They live out the rest of their lives growing cucumbers, turnips, yams and sweet potatoes. But not broccoli or brussel-sprouts because those were the province of Bragdii Wyvernborne last of her line.

As all Necropolis fans already know this was not the end of the dwarf named Bragdii. Knocked senseless by the walls of the underground stream Bragdii eventually washes up on a slate beach in a far-off underground lake or maybe a puddle. Unfortunately for Bragdii the slate beach belongs to a very large Boggle. After several months learning to role-play a Rubber Ducky for the Boggle she is unceremoniously traded into the clutches of a Xvart. A Xvart that does not like one ounce of Rubber Duckys. Oh poor Bragdii! Things had gone from bad to really Sucks! The less that is said of her time with the Xvart the better.

One day the Xvart did not return to the cave and just as Bragdii was reaching the end of hope, a family of Flumphs moved in and voted her their favourite pet. Three years or was it five? Bragdii escapes and reaches the surface world where she makes her way to Stormreach and is eventually hired by the Silver Flame as a quest-giver in the Necropolis. With her pick of the “Shadow” Crypts is it any wonder she found common ground with the spirit of the child who had nearly drowned in a lake?

Special thanks to Geoff Hanna for the excellent looks back on 40 years of Dungeons and Dragons.

Thanks to anyone who found a smile in any part of the above.

Luedwig Bait H’Oven

Thelanis 2006



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  1. DDO really should have a flumph, doing whatever it is that flumphs do.

  2. I’ll make the Flumph JPEG available and we can hold: The Month of the Flumph where we you ninja all the screenshots. Maybe a screenshot of the Marketplace bridge with 99 luft Flumph balloons….. 😉

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