Lost In Space(s)

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Sep 182014

Guild Airship - ummm which is which?
It’s like an IQ test every time I want to go anywhere

The Halfling Commandos have an airship. Technically we’ve had an airship for some time, about as long as there have been airships. But this one is different. Not just any airship, no, thanks to the generosity of one occasionally-playing guild mate, we have the biggest ship in the game.

Really big. Bigger than humongous, bigger than gigantic, bigger even than titanic, it may be approaching galactic.

So big.

Too big?

Sometimes it is so large that it gets in the way. People get lost. Or at least, I do.

Guild Airship - five floors of maps
There are entire quests in this game that are not nearly as large or complicated

I am trying to memorize what is where, but it’s hard. Partly because there are two doors into the inside; the path from one door is the opposite of the path from the other door. But mainly because the ship is just so big, with so many places where things could be, and is so stuffed with amenities that there is no distant line of sight; you can only see what is right ahead of you and have to navigate from memory.

Which is the whole problem. I have no memory.

Guild Airship - bewildering pathways
Choose wisely

I completely understand how thinly, irritatingly, annoyingly whiny this must sound. “Oh boo hoo, you have the biggest ship in the game but can’t find what you want in it.”

Cue up the world’s tiniest violin. Or better, since this is the 21st century, a meme:

Can't find bank

I am not trying to claim this is a problem on the same level of annoyance as the mouse wheel bug. I’m not trying to claim that this is even a problem at all, of any sort.

It’s just me. I am the problem. I and my useless memory.

Someday I will get used to the ship and be able to navigate it without so many false turns and dead ends. Someday. And in the meantime, so what if I end up at the hireling vendor when I meant to go to the bank? Or the Danger Room? Or the teleporter? So what? I’ll get to the bank eventually.


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  1. I would really welcome it if they put the amenities you placed in the map view, so you could better find them. Or something like that

  2. All I know is, from the ladder:-

    right, left, left gets me to the banker & auctioneer
    right, right, right gets me to the tavern


    Yep we have that huge ship too. Thankfully the guildies who spent hours organising it put the most used things closest to the entrance!

  3. Typically in the guilds I’m in I tend to see all bank/vendor related stuff on the First floor, then the amenities that can be attained through the Buff Bar are on subsequent floors (and some have active basements for old amenities.)

  4. Even our moderately-sized ship is bigger and more complex than some dungeons. *koff*MarketBarracks*koff*

    I think there need to be some ship-specific quests that are included with each airship. There could be a button next to the amenity bar on the top deck – “Enter quest ‘Find the mailbox'” or something like that. Or maybe Ziksquik could bestow it in between his gripes about how awful his life was when he had to turn the hookpoints on and off.

    Nothing too complicated, and something like Home Sweet Sewer that doesn’t require actual fighting, so guild members could participate regardless of level. And for a reward, maybe something like the Daily Dice roll… but as it’s a ship quest, with a higher chance of pulling airship amenities. To keep people from just running it into the ground to furnish their ships, put it on, say, a three-day timer that’s exempt from being bypassed.

    *poke* Whaddaya think, Turbine? ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. We recently got that ship too.. we solved the issue with getting lost simply by putting a list of where to find things in the message of the day ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Danger room? I need to log onto sarlona…

  7. LOL, I know your feeling about getting lost. I get turned around on our guild airship quite frequently and our ship is much, much smaller. I think my head will be spinning if/when we get the Kraken.

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