Dec 112013

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Recently, some person thing at Turbine released some letter thingy talking about the near future of DDO. Overall, I feel more than a little ‘meh’ about it.

To start, the only interesting bit was the part about a new area. I dont know(or care) enough about D&D lore to know why people are getting so excited about it, but I know I like new stuff, even if Im not even remotly close to being able to do it.

Next was the bit about Greensteel or whatever its called.  I dont craft. I have no interest in it. Sure, Ill break down my items. But thats because theres no point in selling and earning plat anymore. The only things I ever saved up for are now needlesly expensive on the AH for reasons I cant explain. As for the thought of making ‘uber epic super awesome items’, the gear I loot gets me by without any problems. I dont want to run around grinding quests and whatnot just to make one little item. Itd totally kill my ability to have fun.

A permenant level cap of a lowly 30 just sounds silly to me and I dont understand why that would be cap. Maybe Ive just been spoiled by games that can go as high as or higher than 100. Or maybe its just silly. I dont know. All I do know is that its low. Im slightly over halfway to it already on my Comical Weekends character!

The overall ‘meh’ feeling I got from it really started kicking a certain thought around in my head. Before it, I started really thinking about DDO and thinking about how much time do I have left in the game before I start to cease having fun. The biggest question is ‘What happens when me and Comic have completed all the quests on Normal?’. Do we go back through and do them all again on Hard/Elite? What about the Epicable quests? Do we Epic those? If so, why? What would be the point in doing that? TRing is out of the question. I still have absolutly 0 intrest in doing it. It holds no value to me. Do I quit the game and return only when/if Turbine release new quest content? Maybe, but again, why? What would be the point in returning only for a weekend or two only to leave again? We arent even close yet to completing all the quests in DDO. But we are steadily reaching the point.

For me, the way I play DDO, going forward I dont see a exciting future for the game. It really felt like more of a ‘And this is the end’ kind of letter. I know that Im probably nearly alone in my thoughts regarding everything, but I just thought Id share whats been rattling around in my brain.

Hope everyone has a great day/afternoon/night/week/month/year/decade/century/mill… eff it. Just have a good one! 😉


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  1. Well, if you want favor, we’ll have to re-run stuffs on Hard or Elite. And since neither of us is VIP, I guess ‘hard’ would be next. But for many quests, we could zerg through them – that can be fun. 😉

    And some quests are only epic, so we’ll have to be L20+ to run them anyway. As far as “epicified” normal contant, yeah, most of the epic counterparts are essentially the same as the heroic, but there just might be a few that are different…or at least, “different enough”. 😉

    And I wouldn’t completly rule-out TR’ing, as it does give some nice bonuses. For starters, your 2nd life nets you a 34-point build (3rd+ are 36-point builds) and for non-VIPs, you can open quests on “hard” without first running “normal” (3rd+ life “elite”). Besides, you could work on getting a “completionist” and “win” DDO!

    But yeah, since we’re just finishing L12/starting L13 quests, we have a ways to go before we run out of content.

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