Oct 062009

I put together a build for a guildie and posted it to the forums, but for whatever reason I’m not getting any comments.

I really appreciate the peer review implied in a forum posting. I’m not saying all of the comments are helpful (LOL definitely not!) but many are. In this particular case there are a couple of open questions. I’ll excerpt the forum post:

This build is for a guildie that is looking to add DPS to our raids. After some conversation, we came up with a list of what he wants in the build:

  • Assassin with a DPS emphasis
  • UMD
  • Halfling (the character is for an all-Halfling guild)

Yes that is a short list. He asked me to put in anything else I thought would help. I think his playing style will benefit from improved saves. And I think he will enjoy being a top-shelf trapsmith too, he likes to be really involved.

Open Questions:

  • Levelups in INT or DEX?
  • Does this build require Diplomacy?
  • If Diplomacy is required, what do I give up to get it?

If the build was for me, I’d just roll it up and get playing: I am not afraid of the reroll. But it is for someone else and I’d really prefer to get it right the first time.

One more link to the forum writeup: Sly Dirkly: Halfling UMD Assassin 18 / Paladin 2

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  1. I am building an assassin to a point but the only thing I would say is go for the sneak attack, move silently, Drow melee damage (if your have a drow) feats. Pretty much all the sneak attack and damage feats you can get you will want.

    Also go for Dex stat and there is a feat you can choose that will let you use your dex mod rather then strength for attacks. Your Dex will help with two weapon fighting (if you want that).

    Hope that helps.

  2. Sorry meant to add that for an Assassin build you should be looking at a Rogue character for it.

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