May 202013

DDOCast Live! From GenCon!
Live, from GenCon Indy, it’s DDOCast!

Sunday was the first day that one could actually purchase event tickets for GenCon 2013. I know this for lots of reasons: I follow GenCon closely, I’ve attended the last few years regularly, including this year, and my Gamer Girl is attending again this year as well.

But there is a new reason this year and it outweighs the others: I am helping to host an event at GenCon! And what an exciting event, it is a live version of DDOCast! And if that wasn’t enough, DDOcast has a listing in the catalog, and it has my name in it. Right there! “Geoff”. I am in the GenCon catalog. Me.

Sig and Anne are doing all the work, including the registry of the event with GenCon. All I have to do is show up and be entertaining. Or at least as close to entertaining as I normally am.

I understand that my excitement may sound silly. There are thousands of events at GenCon, and they are all listed in the catalog. GenCon has always held a special meaning for me: the mystical place where gamers aspire to go and everyone has a wonderful time.

It may have lost some allure over the years, it is larger and more predictable than it was in the past, it is not as chic as Comic-Con nor as hipster as PAX. But it still draws 40,000 gamers and hosts the world championships of many games. It is still the RPG center of the world. It will still have more strangely-shaped dice being rolled at the same time than any place, anywhere.

GenCon has never lost any allure with me. Like The Dude, it abides.

And now there I am, listed in the GenCon catalog. Me. I am SO going to snap up every spare copy of the printed version I can find.

My eighteen-year-old self would be totally jealous, if only he knew.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Here I am, trying to figure out what’s the better admission plan to do on my budget. I might go for Friday, then.

  2. Want to go… 🙁

  3. Very cool. I’ve wanted to attend since I read about it in a Dragon mag in the 80’s. Bring back GenCon Oz!

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