Aug 012015

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As Geoff likes to point out DDO is full of various moldy, unused, slightly used, or used crafting systems of one sort or another.

One that no one seems to mention is the Scarab powders that can be obtained from Necropolis 1-3.

For completing the first 4 quests, known as Necro 1, you are awarded one scarab per quest.  Putting these into the Stone of Change located outside of the Kundarak Bank in the Marketplace will combine them into one Scarab Powder.  The first of these is the Scarlet Scarab Powder made by combining the Bloody, Charred, Crimson, Ruddy and Twitching Scarabs together in the Stone of Change.

At this first tier most is meh, but Lumric’s Longbow can come in handy especially for first live new players.  A minimum level 4 Bow with Ghost Touch and a Red Slot, given Archers a way of hitting those pesky ghostly creatures!!  The other items are all geared towards fighting undead too, with undead guard and lesser turning both available.

This longbow was enchanted for an elven ranger named Lumric as he had distinguished themselves in combat against evil. Arrows fired from this bow will find their target even if it is a non-corporeal undead.




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  1. You know, a +3 ghost touch longbow with a red slot really is pretty good level 4 loot. Quite good, really.

    Nice catch!

  2. I have collected so many of those scarabs (across Neco 1 to 3), I need to take a closer look at these and see what else can be had!!

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