Aug 062015

Necro 3, or Litany of the Dead Part 3, continues the same scarab turn in mechanism.  Once again it is 5 scarabs into the Stone of Change soup machine and out comes Eerie Scarab Powder!!

Overall this is my favorite as the large shield you can get is a great Cleric or even Paladin Shield.  I usually refer to it as the fake Lorikk’s Champion Shield from The Hound of Xoriat, since it looks the same and has almost the same, or depending on gear setup maybe even better properties!   Couple this with the fact it is fairly easy to get makes it a solid choice for both new and old players alike.

This heavy shield has been given to those that have assisted the Silver Flame in a grave task. This item was once given to Jackson Dalorent for defending a temple versus a vicious undead attack.




Along with Dalorent’s Seal there are a few other turn in items available.  A nice Ghost Touch longbow with undead bane and a red slot, a tricket with Magi and Universal Spell Power, and a trinket with Undead Guard and DR 5/evil.  Overall at a min level 6 the bow is a very nice choice, but both trinkets are a bit lacking by this point in the game.

The point of all of this is don’t ignore some of the old systems in the game.  Some still provide some very solid gear for new players and TR’s both.


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  1. I use this for my Warlock as eldritch blast doesn’t get spell failure and the radiance is awesome. Most of us have loads of scarabs we never use but this kit is worth having.

  2. Wow I had no idea. That is an awesome healer shield for level 10. Very nice!

  3. Is it wrong I farm Garamol’s chest in Subterrane about once per week?
    Great level 8 named items, bind on equip items too so saleable, swappable and giveaway-able to boot!!
    I have been doing this now over the last few months and have always, yes always received an named item in my end chest.
    I don’t over-do the farming for fear of losing my decent drop rate.
    I went from never having seen a Sunblade except in the AH at a ridiculous cost, to owning 3!!!
    of course, this is done over- level, is that bad? 🙂

    • Not wrong at all – sunblade is great (awesome vs. zombies for monks with only 1 AP in ninja spy required), and the mace of smiting drops there too, which is more situational but extremely effective.

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