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Continue on with the much copied but never exactly duplicated crafting systems in DDO. Lets take a look at what you can get out of Necro 2!!

Just like the first series of quests, running each quest and the end quest will provide you with 5 unique Scarabs that can be combined in the Stone of Change to form Dark Scarab Powder.  To make the powder you will need the Shadow Guard Scarab, the Shadow King Scarab, Shadow Knight Scarab, the Shadow Lord Scarab and the Shadow Scarab.  real original names 🙂

At this level you can get your choice of three items, one being a min level 4 item and the other two being min level 7 items.

Of these three my go to item has been the Signet of the Silver Flame, not the highest stats at that level but a nice combination of two stats making it more universal, +4 Int and +4 Charisma with Undead Guard.

The Docent isnt a bad choice as a Warforged caster as it has Lesser Arcane Sigil which reduces Arcane Spell Failure by 5% and at min level 4.

In general before the big power creep in what was available at levels two nice pieces, which depending on your build are still nice today.

Morleth's Docent.png

Righteous Bracers.png

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  1. Hi dankimber, nice article! One thing about the DDO wiki, you can’t just reference wiki images, they don’t support hot linking. You will be able to see the images because you have them in your browser cache but no one else can.

    The answer is to upload copies of the images to gamergeoff, and then reference them from gamergeoff. I did that for you on these articles; hopefully this is a helpful example?

    Thanks again for the great article!

  2. I think the Signet is still relevant until level nine at least. I’ve always enjoyed running Necro 2 in PUGs. When I was new, a friend walked me through it and I was all over the place. It went mostly like this.

    “So where are you going now?”

    “I’m lost.”

    “Stop moving.”

    “Wait, I see you.”

    “That’s not me.”

    “Can you come back and get me?”

    “Stop moving.”

    Great times.

  3. I made sure to get the bracers on a paladin i’m running through heroics at the moment & they’re very handy with all the undead-heavy quests in that kind of level range.

  4. Great reminder on the Righteous Bracers. Thing about running many different TRs is trying to balance best equip. from character to character. My best unbound and account bound gear often gets lost or forgotten so in Heroic play I run Cannith splashed empty slots and Korthos gear til Green Steel. Your reminder here had me look in and discover 87 complete sets of Shadow Scarabs. Next life I will intentionally create The Wardrobe of Scarabs! And use them 😉
    The tough part is finding someone to run a life-schedule of Undead heavy quests. Won’t happen…

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