Aug 202015


This first sound file aired on DDOCast in October 2013. A Warforge befriends a child on the Island of Korthos. He dreams of being more than a killing machine and he changes his name to Sled. Bear and Ms. T perform O’l Korthos to close out the benefit concert that was held for the children of the Saltire District in Stormreach.

Kobold Poetry: Kobold youngsters are up to no good in the Water Works and are dreaming of becoming pirates. Warships built of prisoner’s little parts float along the sewer floor until adventurers come down and bust up the party… 😉 Have you ever seen the tiny boats floating out from the sewer grates in the harbour? Out past the hungry crabs, the crash of the waves, to the distant shores of a kobold’s scheme?

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  1. Of course Abe will creep you out.. It’s part of the aftereffects of his Oddyssey. (No relation to Xoriat, mind.)

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