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Apparently this has been going on since Saturday 10/19 but I only learned about it myself this morning.

Protesting Reincarnation Changes

A live event protesting the removal of Hearts of Wood from the Epic trader in The Twelve

Dozens (hundreds? There are three Marketplace instances) of players massed on the Wayfinder server protesting the upcoming changes to Reincarnation acquisition.

Tolero’s recent posts acknowledge that Turbine is aware of the unhappiness about the proposed change in the way that Hearts of Wood are procured in-game, but she has only specified changes in the amounts of Valor Commendations that will be needed. Which is not at all what the protesters on Wayfinder are after, they want to retain the ability to buy them with Tokens of the Twelve.

I suspect that the protesters are in for a long session of heartbreak. But I admire their tenacity and their creativity, this method of protest is much more interesting than useless forum flames and petitions.

Protesting Reincarnation Changes

I hope they win. I don’t expect it, but I hope for it. So much so that I’ll be joining them. It may be tilting at a windmill, but some windmills simply must be tilted.

Power to the (Heroic) people! Da Man can not keep us down!


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  1. Talk about pissing in the wind. Wear your wet suit.

    • As Don Quixote said (or perhaps only should have said), “Some windmills simply must be tilted”. Victory is in the attempt sometimes as much as it is in the outcome.

    • Part of being free, is that we can protest things even when we know (expect) it won’t change a thing. But it does make a civilization out of group of people, and it builds unity in a community πŸ™‚ Thank you to everyone who took place in this action!

  2. What gets me is that Wayfinder, of all servers, can stage a turnout like this!

    • Actually the whole idea was that because Wayfinders population is so low making a bunch of level 1 characters and hanging out on the bridge for some peaceful protest (and a protest guild) would show as an anomaly in the server population and get someones attention. The people hanging out on that bridge are from all serves…I’m primarily Orien and Argo so I rolled up a Bladeforged to participate

      • I heard a rumour it was so the more populous servers wouldn’t complain about their marketplace being lagged out πŸ˜‰

        • the real reason. The first to sit on the bridge and start this was a wayfinder native. i know because i saw it when there were only 5 of us. Then another guild leader posted the poll in general forums followed up with a pic with the title of a good old fashioned sit in.

          It has just grown from there. Yes the reason it stayed on wayfinder and not spread to other servers was out of consideration for players who just wanted to play the game. the intention was never to crash a server. it was always to display a peaceful protest against what we considered to be and unjust and unfair change to the game.

  3. We win! Seriously, we win! Read it and weep haters DA MAN CANNOT KEEP US DOWN! https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/428583-Earning-Hearts-of-Wood-post-U20#post5141968

    • Party time!

    • Doesn’t really address most of the issues (namely the BtA, the being forced to do all the quests in a saga) that would keep me from ever TRing. Not that I particularly plan on TRing, but this will keep me from ever doing it.

      If I ever get through a saga? I bloody well want to take the renown, not think “Damn, I’d better take the comms just in case… and then have to store them…”

      So while nice, promises of keeping token hearts “for now” don’t really make me happy. Especially with vague promises of “prices on Lamannia are not final”/”Placeholder values” and “intend to add additional methods to obtain Commendations of Valor”. ‘Cause we’ve never heard THOSE lines before.

      This is yet another half-baked uncompleted plan that will get abandoned by U22 at the latest, and never touched again.

  4. You can read up on what you missed over the weekend in my summary here: http://link.redacted.by.geoff.com

    [Edit] Sorry folks but I am editing out the link from this comment. It takes you to a site that wants you to download a “Tiny DM Manager” so you can download the pdf file. There is a tiny chance that Tiny DM is legit but … no. Ausdoerrt, if you exist and if this was on the up-and-up, my apologies, please provide your information in a different format because I’d love to read it. —> geoff

    • I’m real, and I’d be happy to send you the file directly if you shoot me a note to ausdoerrt@yandex.ru Apologies, I was under the impression that the file could be downloaded directly – seemed to work for me *scratch head*

  5. πŸ™‚ I haven’t read everything, but I’ve been every now and then checking up on what’s going on since I heard about this.

    I disagree with making ddo p2p. The changes they’ve suggested would make it very hard to continue playing as f2p. I also disagree with forcing players to buy stuff from the store. We need to have the option to run content to get what we want, without having to run 100h of content to get there.

    And making tokes of the twelve useless is also a bad idea. Comms of valor is fine, getting them from saga is fine, but we need to have more ways to get them, and they need to be integrated into the old system (like make it possible to trade tokes of the twelve for comms for example). Also, ppl don’t want to be forced to run saga. Saga is supposed to be a nice bonus for those who have the interest in running them, not a must for TR.

  6. One thing to keep in mind is that they are keeping the tokens available for Update 20 but they made it clear they want to phase them out. The real question is the BtC mechanic issue and with sagas being the only source of commendations once the tokens are made useless sometime in the future. I still just don’t understand the reasoning for it to be honest.

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