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Sig, Anne, and I, podcasting our butts off. Live!
Sig, Anne, and I, podcasting our butts off. Live!

There I was, making the 18-year-old version of myself proud, co-hosting a live event at GenCon. Not just any live event, but DDOCast 300! Live! At GenCon! Starring … me! Of course not really starring me, it it was starring anyone then clearly it was starring Sig and Anne, but I was there too, up front, acting like I was supposed to be there.

And I was supposed to be there.

Strangely I had no stage fright. I get public speaking jitters; before big presentations, when I am running a training class, on those rare occasions where I have given a speech. I am not shy but I am also not practiced as a performer and I get butterflies. Big giant fluttery ones, sometimes I have so much adrenaline going when I start a public performance that I can barely see. I have to just have to throw myself out there, get started, and trust that the jitters will subside.

But not this time. No butterflies, no adrenaline rush, just normal excitement. And there should be excitement, it was exciting!

Like usual, Sig and Anne had everything all figured out and all I had to do was show up, engage in banter, and be prepared to talk for a few minutes during the DDOGamer segment. It was a little more involved this time, we’d been going back and forth on ideas for the show for months, but still, Sig and Anne did all the heavy lifting and I just kind of floated along the top of their efforts.

The audience was just right. Enough people to make a nice buzz, but not so many that individuals couldn’t really participate. And they brought the energy too, the opening of the show and that first burst of applause was every bit as exciting/uplifting/intoxicating as I’ve seen, even including professional show openings I’ve attended like the Tonight Show and the Price Is Right, and unlike those studio efforts, we didn’t have a warm up guy.

Just excited DDO fans and excited DDO hosts.

The show featured the usual DDO news, although it was kind of a light news week. We also took advantage of the audience, including them in segments like “What have you been doing this week in DDO?” and encouraging involvement whenever possible.

Anne hand made colored rock candy and packed it in bags labeled Kobold Krystals. They were perfectly done and quite well received. Not surprisingly, everyone wanted the purple crystals. I have no pics, sadly but Producer Glin has a good shot of a Krystal here.

Too excited for jitters

This shot taken from an extra-flattering
belly magnification angle

Sig prepared a DDO Jeopardy segment, which he hosted as Sean Connery, more or less. The game featured DDO trivia, and everyone involved lost points except the two people playing as Kobold buzzers (yes, Kobold buzzers. It would take too long to explain). Both contestants lost points for incorrect responses of course, just like real Jeopardy, but Sig lost points for having one of the answers wrong (it was Arretrikos, not Suulemaades), and I lost points for reading one of the questions wrong (it was supposed to be in one category, not the other).

Nonetheless, fun was had by all. One of the contestants (Tim? Is that right?) turned out to be a real DDO trivia wiz, winning handily, and earning whatever the prize was. Turbine points? A T-shirt? I forget.

Jeopardy DDO-style
The contestants are sitting, their Yark Buzzers are standing, and Sig is sounding like Sean Connery

There was not one, but two Turbine employees on hand, Producer Glin (Erik Boyer) and Tolero (Amanda Grow). They were kind enough to agree to a live “Ask a Dev” segment and spent several minutes taking questions from us and from the audience.

We also made up our own DDO Chronicle Question of the Week: “If you were a DDO producer what would you do?” Which was particularly appropriate since we were physically sitting in the same room as an actual DDO Producer.

When it was my turn to answer, I kind of wasted my response, because I talked about something that I thought would be good for the game (player-created content) rather than something that I wanted to see personally because it would be SO FUN (more weapons – spears, pole arms, whips, real spiked chains, etc). But everyone including the entire audience got a chance to lobby actual in-person DDO personnel about their favorite DDO upgrade.

Ask A Dev, live, with real Devs
Ask A Dev, live, with real Devs

And with that as a high note, the live podcast comes to a close and Sig, Anne and I ride off into the DDOCast sunset, white hats waving in the wind, cheering throngs of populace in our wake, heroic music playing while we gallop out of frame.

Except no, of course it was not like that, we just thanked everyone and started cleaning up the hotel conference room where we held the event. But it really was an ending, the last DDOCast with the three of us as hosts.

But what a way to go out, on top, in front of a live audience.

So. Much. Fun.

It would be remiss of me to avoid mentioning that DDOCast itself is not going anywhere, only the hosts are changing. Beginning with DDOCast 301, Patrick/Shamgar frequent contributor of Epic Education, DDO Building Blocks and other DDOCast segments, elevates from contributor to host!

Not only that, but DDOCast 301 already exists! A detailed discussion of Update 19, featuring a special guest appearance from Sig, who has apparently not galloped all the way out of frame just yet.

It’s a good listen and well worth your time. Check it out here!

Crunchy, detailed, but very informative. Clearly, DDOCast is in good hands.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Tim won a Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pack for his Jeopardy! victory. Great time at the live cast. For so many of us in the audience to have a chance to chime in or participate was very cool as well.

  2. I owe all my success to my kobold buzzer Todd, without whom I would have just been a guy answering questions without anyone screaming “Yark! Yark!”

    I loved the show Geoff. It was a perfect send-off for you, Anne and Sig. Thanks for all you guys have contributed to DDOCast and to the game community.


  3. Hi Tim and gratz on your win! And also on your savant-like DDO trivia abilities!

    By the way, I didn’t realize until Samius pointed it out yesterday that we forgot to ask in the form of answers and make you answer in the form of questions. Still was fun,no harm, but weird in retrospect that we would forget such a basic Jeopardy attribute.

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