Mar 232017

Looming Lizards!

Everyone – actually nearly everyone, there is always an outlier or two – rolled up Dragonborn to take the new race out for a spin in new content.

New race, new content, double new!

The new content is level ten on Heroic, while everyone’s characters were first-life level sevens, no past lifes, no TR banks, just pure and innocent and level seven the way it used be back in 2006.

So naturally we ran the quest on Hard.

I’m glad we did, beating a quest on Normal feels like something you do on the sly, without telling anyone, trying to hide the shame behind a facade of an active Elite streak. Proud, yes! But also, comically under-powered. With nine of us we were too many for one group, and really too few for two groups. But everyone gets to run on guild night.

Lapis Lizard! His sapphire eye is a tribute to Robert Silverberg’s “At Winter’s End

And that is how two short-manned, under-powered flocks of mostly Dragonborn ended up in The Newcomers on Hard.

I love new content! Playing without knowing what is coming next is the very best! I like being challenged by the difficulty too, sometimes the most fun of all is running a quest you have no business running. Being right on that edge between possible and impossible brings out the best in us.

Or at least it should. In our case, well … not so much

This is a long-ish quest with repetitive fighting and it is difficult to maintain the discipline of careful monster management routines for so many nearly-identical battles.

Probably I am really meaning that it is difficult for me, for short-attention-span reasons, rather than difficult in general. I am only inside my own head, I can guess what is going on in yours but it will always be a guess, the sureness of my knowledge is limited to how things like that work for me.

Leaping Liz … oops, sorry, wrong lizards

But setting aside the philosophy of solipsism, and without worrying about the whys and hows, in real life both groups became scattered and started running into battles where we were not properly concentrated in one place, where we were not thinking about tactics or terrain, and therefore, where we were dying.

A lot.

The worst is when the party is going in more than one direction and all of those directions lead to monsters. With seemingly endless leashes, all of the monsters follow indefinitely, and soon we are in two or three battles at once, overwhelmed, and mostly soul stones.

No worries though, our persistence is a long as our attention span is short. The fact that some of us have acquired substantial piles of raise cake was also relevant. Forward progress continued.

The end fight was kind of a let down considering how hard it had been to reach it. The fights before it were much more difficult than the end fight itself. But so it goes, I imagine that tuning each encounter to make it challenging is very hard, probably impossible. For instance, one of our groups was heavy with ranged DPS and had an easier time than the group that was mainly melee – maybe other groups would have had more trouble at the end?

Looting Lizards!

And then the looting. Both groups got a named item! Nice!

Overall, I had a great time! Not sure how great the quest is, or how replayable, but for this run, the newness of it overcame everything else.

Good times.

I like my new Dinosaur too.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Yeah, I’m one of those “outliers” that hasn’t rolled one up yet. Heck, I haven’t even rolled up a Gnome and that was a year ago. I did get to run the new content with guildies on Friday though πŸ™‚

  2. I was also underwhelmed with the new content.. I mean, sure, yay! NEW Content! But I couldn’t help but feel this was created using Amateur Hour In The Dev Tools and not by the same team that so recently brought us the Tower of Frost with all its tongue-in-cheek humour.

  3. “… no past lifes?”

  4. The new quests are pretty decent though a little repetitive, and the loot is nice. As for the shiny race, I’m loving dragonborn so far, they’ve got some nice enhancements and just look awesome – my favourite outfits on them so far are the slaver’s rags from the slave lords chain & the shadowfell regalia πŸ™‚

  5. I like the new quests. Don’t love ’em, but they’re fun and repeatable enough, and some really nice loot to be had.

    Also, @Shin, was great that you finally made it for a guild night, even if you missed the part with all the dings. πŸ˜€

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