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I used to spend a lot of time looking at DDO load screens. Not so much since I bit the bullet and upgraded to a gaming laptop; one of the many related benefits has been significantly reduced load times. But not removed, just reduced, and I still get to spend quality time with each load screen, on every change of zone.

Normally they are a nice clue to the type of quest boss awaiting. Sometimes they hold a helpful tip, such as;

Tip 734: Hitting monsters with a weapon is a good way to do damage to them

One of the loading screens – the first one, the game loading screen – contains my favorite status message of all time: “100% of OK complete“. Not just my favorite DDO status but the best status ever messaged in any piece of software anywhere. Useful too, because I want my OK to be complete. I only wish it came with a progress bar so I could see my OK becoming complete, one percentage at a time.

But I digress.

Most of the loading screens perform their function adequately, holding our attention for a few seconds while the bits and bytes catch up with our demands and we can resume slaying evil and acquiring loot.

But this one stands out. This load screen (illustrated at the top of this post) belongs to the quest The Portal Opens, the capstone quest in the Sschyndylryn adventure area.

And what a dramatic load screen it is! Most of them just have an image of the boss creature superimposed over a screenshot from the quest, but not this one, this one is a customized and stylish representation of the entire Drow invasion.

Very nice.

This is the only load screen that I have ever felt the need to capture as a screenshot. I don’t know why this one particular load screen grabbed my attention the way it did, but I guess like all art, you know what you like when you see it. And I like it.

Really, very nice!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Hitting enemies with weapons kills them? No wonder handing them daisies wasn’t working!

  2. Early this past summer, as an experiment, i installed DDO on a USB drive. The experiment – an attempt to not have to install DDO on another laptop when I borrowed it – failed, but I noticed a *significant* reduction in loading screen time.

    Recently, I’ve been running into issues bumping the drive and getting knocked off DDO… so I reinstalled it onto my laptop. Loading screens have increased about 5-fold *and* I’m having issues with not connecting my first attempt.

    But man, if i get to see that particular loading screen for longer than a couple of seconds, and have a chance to really look at it… it might almost be worth it. Ran “The Portal Opens” for the first time last week, and thought that was simply gorgeous.

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