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Feb 102012

Apparently I have a faithful reader And he is disappointed in my currently growing blog gap. Have faith gentle reader, I shall return! Just as soon as I clear up some RL issues.

The best highs and lows
the blackest blacks, brightest whites
only in real life

See you soon!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I noticed you had missed a few days too. Can i haz a cookie.

  2. *feels the withdrawal ease*

  3. You mean it’s not *just* SWtOR?

    I figured you were simply still on hold with their customer support…

  4. Looking forward to your return!

  5. You’re giving out cookies? Get yer ass back on here, I want some! 🙂

  6. Even wants ass-cookies, pass it on!

  7. You were gone? huh? 🙂

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