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Hello everyone, long time no post again 🙂

I have finished my 8th life on the loooong road to triple-completionist, my fighter life. Here he is in all his beardy glory:



I went with a traditional greataxe THF pure fighter build, focusing on the Kensei and Dwarf trees. I’m just going to share some of my impressions from this life.

My objectives for this life were to play a pure fighter and get a fighter past life, max out the LD epic destiny and reach level 28 to ETR.

Since I had some vacation time during this life I was able to go from 1 to 28 in 44 days, which is warp speed for me 🙂

I really wanted to try out a dragonmark and since fighters get so many feats, I decided to grab the Kundarak Dragonmark this life. The Least Dragonmark is really lackluster (Neutralize Poison), but the Lesser Dragonmark (Spell Resistance) was very useful up to level 20. After that, it stopped scaling, and was fairly useless. The Greater Dragonmark (Radiant Forcefield) was also a nice bonus to have on boss fights and remained useful throughout all levels.

I tried the Hands of Stone ability in the Dwarf enhancement tree. It would be an interesting ability, but the DC is not working properly (almost everything saves agaisnt it) and the uses per day are very limited, so I dumped it.

I had very little self-healing options (basically just pots) so I always had pocket healers following me around when I soloed stuff. The low and mid levels were very easy. Basically, Carnifex+Cleave = Win.

Traps were troublesome sometimes, since no evasion and low reflex saves usually meant I took the brunt of the damage. A large hit point pool and meta-gaming quests helped me survive most of them, though.

While I was preparing my gear for this life I was torn over an “ideal” DPS greensteel weapon (everyone says it’s Lit II) or something different with a little more flavor. I was kind of bored of the Lit II and after realizing that fun trumps max DPS everytime, I went for a triple earth greataxe and I don’t regret it. The earthgrab went off quite a lot and it was very fun to have an earth elemental follow me around.

One thing I was proud of this life was surviving Coyle. It was really tough doing this on a melee and I finished this quest just in the nick of time: as you can see below, with 1 second remaining, Coyle only had ~15% HP and the hireling was out of SP and 4 seconds later, some trash spawned and killed him. But the quest was already finished and I said good riddance to Mr. Coyle


After reaching level 20, I started leveling the Legendary Dreadnought epic destiny. I like LD a lot, a very solid DPS destiny and the epic moment is great. Master’s Blitz made soloing the ES challenges as easy as pie. I had never been able to take the Red Dragon down in time in my past live’s, but with MB, I had plenty of time to spare.

I ran most epic quests on EN and the lower ones on EH. I tried doing Breaking the Ranks on EH once, but the lack of self healing was my end, after the hireling got squashed. But, I still completed the quest thanks to that undead dragon and his cold attacks 🙂 I just went to get something to eat and let him finish it for me:


I have already started my 9th life as an Elven pure Ranger Arcane Archer, and thanks to a devs addressing a long awaited feature, I was finally able to TR into a female elf. Enough of staring my dudes asses as they run around Stormreach! At last I have a nice view!

On an unrelated note, my guild has finally reached DBS (Double Bacon Status)!!!



Thanks for reading. It was a fun 8th life, but all good things must come to an end. Farewell my stuborn little dwarf fighter


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  1. I hate Coyle! Lol not really. Sort of.

    44 days from 1 to 28 is pretty impressive!

    • Thanks Geoff! My normal time is usually 60 days from 1 to 20. But on vacation I got to play DDO much more 🙂

      Coyle. I guess he’s one of those NPC’s we love to hate.

  2. Hi Geoff, I just made my very first Greensteel weapon, a heavy repeater for my 2nd life Arty, I went the triple Earth path to not knowing jack about “lit” this and “min” that recipes. When i showed it to a long time player i had just been on the Shroud with and i got a quizzical, “all earth? really dude?”
    I’m finding it like you did, great fun with the Earthgrab and the elemental can at least take some heat off you before it heorically sacrifices itself!

    • Hi there. I’m glad you enjoyed your triple earth GS weapon. Yeah, I sometimes see that reaction from Vets. I really like triple earth, it is solid DPS and cheap (single shard). A triple earth on a repeater must really proc earthgrab a lot. Sounds like fun 🙂

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