Dec 132009

My TR character Mawry will hit 14th level shortly after I log in today. Or really, 34th level.

I am still wishing I’d done up my normal* leveling plan for Mawry. It makes me very tentative at leveling time. For instance, I am really torn about staying pure Favored Soul or adding a Ranger level (or two?).

(*) For “normal” read “borderline obsessive”

This question – to splash Ranger or not – has been bugging me for the last couple of weeks.

  • At low level she did more damage with weapons than spells. Now she has a decent mana pool and 6th level spells; she has emerged as a pretty good Divine blaster.
  • But her melee has suffered; in Gianthold, monsters had more AC and a LOT more hit points.
  • Yet, she keeps ending up in groups where she is the main meleer (which when you think about it is really kind of weird)
  • If she had two levels of Ranger, she’d be a much better meleer but also much better at ranged
  • But any splash will delay getting her wings! I’m really looking forward to the wings

I was explaining this internal debate to a guildmate last night. Typing out the argument helped me realize something:  I am not trying to build a good FvS.  I’m trying to complete this life so I can reincarnate again.

I laid out Mawry’s basic principles* long before there was a way to reincarnate: able to melee, able to range, able to buff and support. Most importantly, she is good at all of that.

(*) Read What Makes a Commando?

And that answers that. Level 34 will be a ranger level.

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  1. I would go for the wings I am looking forward to that part, unfortunately my two FvS on the back-burner for now. I have a dual long-sword wielding avenger and my Healer, Fatherguido Sarducci.

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