Jul 202012

Like a Sir

I love the smell of epic in the morning

Last week I joined a level 25 group running Time is Money on my barbarian. Imagine my surprise when a three-minute challenge rewarded us with 150k XP! I didn’t have an XP pot burning or anything, just the 10% Tome of Learning, the quest was set to give out that much XP on the first epic25 completion.

It made me feel a little dirty. That can’t be on purpose, I didn’t even contribute very much.

I stopped running the challenge. Which is too bad, I’ve got a lot of practice in this challenge and really like it. Plus the challenge rewards are unusually flexible/tradable.

But today I noticed this forum post from Tolero:

Epic and Forgotten Realms Challenges are currently awarding more XP than intended, and fewer rewards than intended. We are adjusting the amount of XP today to a more appropriate amount; you will notice decreases in the amounts of XP that Epic Challenges bestow. We are also increasing the drop rates of Challenge ingredient rewards permanently. Each of the Challenges will have rewards increased (a range from 30% – 60% depending on how badly the particular Challenge needed boosting).

So I figure, hey, nothing remotely exploity about the quest now, time to dive back in on Epic25 and see what happens.

I’ll tell you what happened: Death happened. Lots of finger-mashing, equipment-breaking, potion-using, death.

A few weeks back, I’d been farming this challenge for Crystallized Magma Shards. I ran it over and over, no deaths (or at least not very many), lots of wins. I’m using the same character (Ejecta). I’m applying the same general tactics. What was different?

Epic 25. I’d been running it at level 19 and 21. Level 25 is a whole new ballgame.

I still don’t have a good solo strategy. I’m trying different tricks with the Onyx Panther and a hireling but so far have only won once versus about five deathly failures. I will get this down pat though, I will.

I’ll share once I have something useful to talk about.

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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