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That one guy… His name is BOB! Im being seriously you guys! His name is Bob! BOB! Now I dunno where he sits compared to other Bobs in this world but Id imagine hes somewhere between an expert builder oF things and a retarded sponge. Wherever he sits, his name is and will always be, Bob. Thats all that really matters.

Now, onto oUr regular blogging buisness!

I didnt do a whole ton this week like Id wanted to. This was mostly do to me leaving home early. Why leave the Comforts of home early? Wait, early for what? You might be asking. Well, my sister, her husband and their babies are going home to Oregon to visit for a month. So Im traveling through Canada(ugh)ย to get down there. Turns out that I was leaving early. Of course, no one told ME we were leaving early! Jerks!

Now, for the DDO news. I didnt play DDO this weeK at all. However, that doesnt mean I dont have any DDO plans at all. However, that doesnt mean I dont have any DDO plans. Because I do. Theyre in my head. Soon… In this blog.

FirstlY, theres my non Cannith guild on Orien. Now, this guild changed in a special way last year. Instead of killing it, I decided to make it a… “themed” guild(for lack of a better name). The theme of the guild is something I obviously love to death: The undead! The only way I was able to pull this off was with the Elf race. The reason was they have the PERFECT skin tone for it.


This is the general lOok for each of them. As you can see, the skin color is a sickly green, the eyes are greyed out and her hair is white. Now, I know I didnt have to whiten the hair, but I wanted to for effect. They each have different hairstyles. Not all of them have a scar or facial detail. But outside that, all my ‘Zombies’ look the same! the one in this particular picture is named Maretelle. The name is an alternate spelling of a Goddess in the Witcher games.


This is Vampyrica. Also apart of my gUild of the undead, shes the lone exception to the rules. To a certain degree at least. As Im sure anyone can gather from her name, shes supposed to be a ‘Vampire’. She has the same skin coloration but with Black hair, Violet eyes and red lipstick to give her that look of being undead but not quite as undead as my other characters there.

One of My biggest problems with my ‘Zombie’ characters is that in order for the look to be pulled off right, they HAVE to run around in starter rags. If you look at Maretelles pic, I think youd agree that it really does lend it that ‘Undead’ look and feel. This has been a problem though due to the whole swapping from combat gear in quests back to rags in public. Recently, I learned through the awesomness of Mr Geoff Hannas blogs that theres a salesman that sells a rags Armor Kit! However, my problem persists because unfortunatly, hes somewhere not only that I cant reach, but have no access too and likely wont for a while.

So, Id say one of my biggest DDO goals is to play those characters more ofton and see just where they go and how high I can get my guild over there.

On the LOTRO side of the fenCe, I havent really taken the time to play my Champion of late. Not for lack of loving her, but because Ive been busy doing other things on other games. However, she is still an important character of mine on a game I love so going back to play her is guarenteed.

One of the things thats Kept me busy is my altoholism over on SWTOR. However, I have a feeling that Ive finally got it under control now. Whatever thats worth.

What Ive decided to do was just stop making Sith and Jedi for the time being and focus on the classes which I know for a fact I like: Smuggler, Trooper & Bounty Hunter. Its not that I didnt enjoy my Sith or Jedi, its just that playstylewise, Im more of a ‘kill em from afar’ type of player. When I get more character slots(sometime in the future) Ill play Sith and Jedi again. But for now I have 2 new alts who are gonna start seeing a decent amount of action!


This here is Ismaji. Shes my Light Side Bounty Hunter. Though shes may be a Light Sider, she has a penchant for setting foes on fire.


One of my new alts, this is Lixet, the polar opposite of my Smuggler, Natalysa, he follows his base passions and as such is a part of the Dark Side.


My other new alt, this here is Virole. Like Lixet, she follows the path of one who follows their base passions and as such is a Dark Sider as well and the polar opposite of my other Trooper, Hogeri.

Natalysa - Hat Off

Lastly, this isnt an alt so much as it is an alternate picture of my main, Natalysa. Last time I took a screen of her she was wearing a stupid looking hat. This time, Im showing off her…… Hair. Yeah. Her hair.

In non MMO related stuffs!

Recently I was really excited by seeing that the sequel to one of my favorite RTS games had made its way onto Steam! The game is Disciples 3. I love LOVE number 2 and cant wait to but three. In the mean time though, Ive decided to play number 2 again but differently. So far its proving a bigger challenge but, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the fun!

A quick update on my ‘Journey of an Elven Barbarian’ story, Im going to start writing the fourth part of the Prologue tonight and hopefully have it done by the time me and my sister are visiting along with some of the Korthos chapters. Ive been going kinda slow because Im not quite sure how to tackle the Stormreach quests. Right now, Im thinking April Ill start releasing the Progogue parts in weekly increments so as to not completly rush myself. I really wish I could draw well though. I think itd be cool to have a part of each chapter drawn out to go along with it all. Give the story a bit of life, so to speak.

I do believe thats it for this week folks! Im likely off of MMOs for the next while so you all gotta have fun for me! Have fun! Take care! Eat Cheese! Fetch me cookies!

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  1. lmfao very clever ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good blog too ๐Ÿ˜› Natalysa has very nice… um.. hair

  2. Looking forward to the reading the “Journey” ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

  3. I should probably hop back into SWToR again and see what’s different. I dropped out a while back because it seemed (in my probably not informed opinion) that you couldn’t really get anywhere as a free player.

    You’ve piqued my interest. Thanks! (I think…)

    • You can do the whole story as a free player. It’s just more difficult due to the restrictions. That said, it’s totally worth the $5 to make them less restrictive. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • $5? I thought the subscription was $15/month. So far I’ve got a Jedi consular to lvl 13 and an agent to 10. I’m really liking the agent!

        • Just bought $5 of cartel coins and lo and behold, there were 4 more character slots… I may never escape!

  4. Haha. And the ability to mail, send whispers(at lvl 10) and some other great things ๐Ÿ™‚

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