Aug 092013

Free Raise Cake!

I love Raise Cake. I love it. I love the way it lets me save my hour’s worth of work. I love the way it makes up for my otherwise pedestrian gaming skill. I love the way you can use the number of Raise Cakes consumed as a metric to gauge a quest run that has gone dramatically and even spectacularly wrong.

My personal record? A seven-Cake quest. Yes, sad but true, seven Raise Cakes to get through one quest.

This may be a familiar theme to both of the people that read this column regularly: I love Raise Cakes so much that I write about them, frequently. They are just that good.

Imagine my joy to log in this morning and note that the DDO Store advertisement accompanying my login screen is offering a free Raise Cake!

It takes but a moment to investigate further, and sure enough. Free Raise Cake for everyone! Only one per account, but still, free Raise Cake!

Normally the free DDOStore sample is .., Oh I don’t know, Crafting experience boost, or guild reknown boost, or something else that is (often) useful but (never) overpowering.

Not this week. This week we get Free Raise Cake!

Go get yours while you can.

The cake is not a lie.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I do believe you should make this a new thing. Every week, post the Sample of the Week for those of us too clueless to know where it’s meant to be found.

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