Less is more

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Aug 122013

I should start all my posts with: So, long time no post…


Anyway, just wanted to share something I found wierd with a pair of items:


Striding 20% > Striding 15%

Jump +10 > Jump +5

Colorless augment slot > no augment slot

Minimum level 7 better than minimum level 9


Then, Less is more (or, to be more accurate, Lesser is more)


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  1. The durability and hardness differ too.

    This is why named loot is cool 🙂

  2. Ahh, nostalgia for the old item oddness from back in the days when the cap was low & any named item (or magic effect at all) was unusual….Still, I’ve got a couple of the old (non-slotted & unbound) mace of smiting, shining devastation & cloak of ice knocking about & IMO they’re better than the new ones purely because you can transfer them more easily 🙂

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