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On the Kraken Ileana
Wandering the quarterdeck on the Daedalean Kraken “Ileana

Something very unexpected happened to the Halfling Commandos last night.

First, occasional player Veldesico returned, his absence this time due to kidney issues (and … ouch!). Nice to have him back, as always.

Lease the Kraken!Second, he brought presents. Or really, a present, only one, but it was the most amazingly massive present a guild could imagine: The Daedalean Kraken!

There he is, in the image on the right with Brymn, negotiating ship purchase terms with the Elven dealer.

Wow. What a huge ship. There are quests in the game that are quite lengthy but are still dwarfed by the never-ending humongousness of this thing. It just goes and goes and goes. Right when you think you’ve finally run to the end, there is an entire new level to explore that you still haven’t seen.

Really, really big.

Also, really, really expensive. Apparently our Veldesico is a whale.

A very generous whale.

Captain of the Kraken

Not one to look a gift whale in the mouth, the evening’s questing plans were immediately set aside as focus turned to acquiring the proper set of accoutrement for such a grand vessel, in the form of guild airship amenities. And perfect placement of said accoutrement.

We don't serve their kind here!
Unctuous auctioneer, pointing at Coin’s pseudodragon: “We don’t serve their kind here!”
Coin, casually flipping a ball of magic fire from hand to hand: “We do now”

I came up with a plan to try and put all of the most-visited amenities on one floor. I put the Banquet Room there too so that people who die can immediately get whatever they need without zoning. My Gamer Girl came up with the idea of placing the Farshifter there too, saving one more zoning. All very tidy.

It took a surprising amount of planning, but it was all the good kind of planning that I never mind having to do. Fun. And now, flying perfection.

I wanna drive!
Whaddya mean I can’t drive? I’m the guild leader!

We had a lot of amenities already, but now we bought everything we could afford, which turned out to be all but three of the available choices. Some need upgrading, but not many, we spent a lot of our personal stashes of both plat and astral shards. And yet, even with all that, we still have an entire deck-and-a-half of empty hook points. The ship is just that big.

Adventure dog is King of the World!
King of the World (canine style)!

Expensive, yes, but the amenities no longer wear out. All that plat and all those astral shards have bought something that will remain with the Halfling Commandos for as long as there is a game to play. It feels more worthwhile than usual, like we actually accomplished something. Although it was Veldesico who did the vast majority of that accomplishing, he bought the ship, we just bought amenities.

Everything you need
In one enormous vessel.
Thanks Veldesico!

I still can’t get over how tremendously large this thing is. Not just long, but tall too, it takes a measurably long time just to run up to the highest point of the poop deck. It’s so big that it’s hard to even find the way up to the poop deck.

From the poop deck of the Ileana
View from the poopdeck.
Oh, stop it! Yes, I said “poopdeck”, so what? Sheesh, grow up

Think about it. A ship so big you can get lost on the top deck. People did too, this is not just theory, people really did get confused and misplaced while trying to explore the topside.

So big. So! Big!

And so nice.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. That’s a mighty big shiny the Halfling Commandos have; make sure to put some ballistae on your poop deck, to ward off any would-be boarders!

  2. The new ship format is challenging. Some people want to have nothing but buffs, so the number of staterooms on a ship immediately determine whether you can have a tavern (with that spirit binder that brings you directly to your ship) or Shroud altars up at the same time. It brings confusion to players unused to this format and strain on officers learning the format or having to switch to their officer characters and go back to the ship to turn on and off amenities.

    In short, the new design forces us to get larger, more expensive ships. Yeeouch.

    Glad your guild has a nice benefactor, but others aren’t so lucky,

    • So do what we were doing up until last night and leverage the Cargo Hold. We had only the most critical buffs in new amenity format. All of the convenience thingies (bank/mail/etc) we put into the Cargo Hold.

      We didn’t have a binder anywhere, but binding in The Twelve means you are practically right there anyway.

      Not as good as what we have now. But still, pretty damn good.

  3. 1) It is in fact called the “Poop Deck” because back in the days of sailing ships, you would go up to the poop deck to take a poop by sticking your ass out of the stern and make splash. If you tried to do so from anywhere else, there was a good chance that the wind would catch your poop and blow it back up on deck and into the face of your crewmate.

    2) Don’t forget the nice convenient all buff button on the main deck, located right in front of where you zone in.

    3) at least on the Defense Guild Airship when I talk to the Captain and ask him to take me in, I get the normal list of places he could take me before the update, but there is also an option to show me more places, which include most if not all of the “Advanced” locations.

  4. I can really say that the guild ship is ALL MINE! heh i worked like the ass i am to get and sell stuff in the asah, 1 month after that i finaly could get it. now my guild is lvl 42 with all the avaliable buffs at lvl, Only missing the 5% shrine (only 4% atm) and 2 or 3 other stuff.

    So satisfying…

    But i dont really wanna do the math to check how many shards it has costed me… or other people as every shard is fom trades.

    Indeed that ship is a beast

  5. The raiding guild I run with has a Kraken, and I’m *really* glad for the “one-stop shopping” on the buffs, because it’d take me months to learn my way around that thing. It’s like a whole series of mini-quests – find the Danger Room! Find the Bath House!

    And then I got derailed because Coin’s pseudodragon does not look like any pseudodragon I’ve ever seen. Is that just a graphics thing, or is that something other than a plain, black-stripe, or tan-stripe pseudodragon?

    And if it is, I WANT ONE! πŸ˜€

    (Because my 58 cosmetic pets on Thelanis aren’t nearly enough…)

  6. Congrats on the new ship!! It will take the Crypt Crawlers an extremely long time before we’ll able to afford one of those things!!

  7. Woah! Big ship! Might have to log onto sarlonee one of these days just to see it myself!

  8. Has it really been nearly three years since I purchased the Ileana for us? Wow. Shortly afterwards my health took another nosedive and then my computer died and, well… I’m just now getting back into the game again. It’s been so very long, I hope you remember me.

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