Learning to Fly

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May 102013


Flying technology exists in the game; there are two different areas where flying is possible:

This method of flying is not overly dramatic. There are no great swoops, no aerobatics, no real change in posture. It seems more like being pushed through the air than actively flying.

And yet, it is flying. And it is pretty cool.

I especially like Flying with Coin, as she is an Air Savant and leaves behind a trail of sparks that look like a contrail.

I think it is time to open up the Fly spell and let us have some fun exploring the upper reaches of the game. Everywhere. Or at least everywhere possible.

I understand that there are quests where flying would allow a character to reach areas where he or she could attack enemies with no risk of being counter-attacked.* And there are several quests where the ability to Fly up and over walls would make completion trivial.

* The classic definition of an exploit, although with the forum changes I cannot find a link to anyone from Turbine quoting that definition. Yet I am sure they have said it. Pretty much exactly as I have it here.

So don’t enable Fly in those quests. Maybe don’t enable Fly in any quests. But that still leaves public spaces, where there is no reason at all not to be Flying, and Adventure Areas, where Flying would be just amazingly awesome.

Do you sometimes get just a little bit bored by yet one more Slayer/Rares/Explorer expedition in the Orchard? Wouldn’t that completely change if you could Fly?

It’s all different
high up above everything;
A new way to play

You can get a little of this now, sometimes, dropping from height while under the effects of Feather Fall, strafing ground targets from above. Or Fingering them. Or whatever. Death from above! I always enjoy it when given the opportunity. I want more. MOAR!

We should definitely have Fly in PvP areas too. Imagine Capture the Flag in three dimensions.

There should also be a rare drop item that has Fly clickies. But only one item. It would become extremely valuable. Put it somewhere hard to get, but don’t make it bound, make it something we can trade like the Royal Guard Mask.

What about this idea wouldn’t be fun?

Let’s go Flying!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Nailed it – wilderness areas would be fantastic! And, like you, i always enjoy a long, slow fall with monsters at the bottom. Meteor Swarm looks really neat going downwards

  2. What about quests like the pit where people like me suck at doing the air vents? Fly would be awesome there!

  3. This is where it’s cool to be a Monk. Once we gain Slow Fall, our posture changes from the generic “Aaah!” arms-outstretched posture to a subtle, graceful and purposeful posture that says, “I know where I’m going.” When we get Fly, it really seems like flight. Adds to our wuxia, whether hovering over the Stormreaver’s head and pummeling him, or jetting about in his temporary prison/hiding place in the Refuge.

  4. Talked to the Devs about this a few times and as i understand the reason we don’t have a fly in all/most public areas people getting stuck. Every area that allows fly was built with flying in mind. Have you ever heard of a stuck spot in the reach or in the raid? No. Because those areas were combed over with a fine tooth comb. Now think about how many stuck spots get fixed in just the market place. Just the dev calls in that one area alone…

    Now instantaneous fly for arcane…. yes please.

    • Pfffft we have /stuck and can use it more often now. Stuck spots have no power over me.

      • Sure /stuck once and hour so that will help some on DM calls but then they go in the work flow and then that takes dev and QA time when instead they can be fixing ladder bugs.

  5. Fly would be awesome in wilderness areas. Very nice. Wasn’t there an exploit some time back where you could get fly in Reaver’s Reach and teleport to Meridia and the Shroud and fly to the end boss?

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