May 292012

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Chelena and the shrine are in agreement
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So it’s really late. For me anyway, I used to be an all-nighter kind of guy but now it is rare to see me up past 1:00am. But this time is different, I’ve been slamming Time is Money all night long and I am nearly ready to craft an epic Mournlode Maul for my recently-converted-to-Fighter Chelena.

Formerly a most fierce barbarian, she has traded in the medium armor and limitless hit points of a Barbarian for the DPS and strategic ability of a Kensai.

But she remains fierce. Very fierce.

As it turns out, Time is Money is a decent XP/minute challenge* as well as the best source of Crystallized Magma Shards. It also is something that Chelena can solo at level 16 all by herself, without using a hireling cleric or drinking a lot of expensive cure pots.

* Yes, in the past I’ve pretty much poo-poo’d the whole Cannith Challenge thing as well as the items one can earn from them. Well guess what. I was wrong. Or at least partially wrong. Some of the challenges are fast and worthwhile. Some of the items are relatively accessible and also worthwhile. Note the liberal use of the word “some”.

For those of you playing along at home, Crystallized Magma Shards are one of three ingredients of the aforementioned Mournlode Maul. Even better, you can use the Shards to buy the other two ingredients. To say that more clearly, you can earn the entire maul by running Time is Money only, although you will run it many, many times.

And so I did. All afternoon, through the night and into the morning, run after run. The girlfriend was rudely awoken by a continuous stream of “Incoming!” yelled in shrill Kobold. Somehow I weathered that storm of (well-deserved) GF agro and kept on keeping on.

Just one more run! No wait, I lost that time, forgot to buy time from the kobold foreman. Just one more run! No wait, I came up 25 shards short. Hard to keep my eyes open at this point, but I am SO CLOSE! Just one more run!

And at last, it was true! I had accumulated a sufficiently gigantic pile of shards and would be able to buy my maul. First I exchanged most of my shards for the other two ingredients. This can only be done 10 ingredients at a time … and involved 1200 ingredients … lots of clicking … lots more clicking … so hard to stay awake … click click click …

After several centuries, voila! 600 ingredients of each type. Now all I need to do is find the maul in the barter window, select it, and trade in my 1800 ingredients. No problem. Bed awaits, and oh is it going to be such a comfortable bed tonight!

I can’t equip the maul yet, it’s epic and I’m only level 16. But something doesn’t look right. Where is the maul’s handle? Why does it look so much like a warhammer?

Ye gods. It is a warhammer.

No matter how close
No matter how excited
Craft while wide awake

Anyone need a slightly hated Epic Mournlode Warhammer? Nevermind, it’s bound. On the plus side, this is nothing another 20 or thirty runs through Time is Money can’t fix. And it is my favorite challenge …

Ai yi yi.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. And another person learns the hard lesson of be awake when making major decisions. We learned until next time, right?

  2. Ouch! I made that, in crystal cove. Late night, I had 2 tier 1 cunning trinkets and was upgrading one of them to tier 3. Two minutes after and I had two cunning trinkets tier 2, and went to sleep, or maybe tried to. Good Luck in the next runs 🙂

  3. Oops…

  4. I enjoy Disruptor (sp?), myself. I use it to get equipment to break down for my crafter, I end up using the mats for guild pots for extra renown. I did make that same War Hammer, but I actually wanted it for crushing skeletons and other undead baddies while I wear a shield! Having a dwarven fighter, I wanted something that was at least racially characteristic. It works quite well, and I haven’t regretted my decision to do so! Maybe you will find a use for it eventually.

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