Sep 122014

…one morning, you step into a heavy, wet, wonderland of snow pressing down. Twigs and branches litter the ground. Trees are snapped and splayed across the lawns and cars. Never known to dodge such fun, power lines and driving lanes jump onto the train.

Wednesday morning I tweeted a fairly tame winter scene that I had discovered upon my front step. I lost or misplaced a word or two in posting the tweet but the intent of the post was meant to bring to mind PnP. “Late for work one morning you step out y’front door to find this. What do you do?”

My Answer: So what if I’m running a Laddle? I quickly shed a dozen years or three from my worried brow and recognize a wonderful thing; I was only 10 years from being a kid again. The glass was not empty! The glass was full of snow and as we all know, that’s half full! 😉 This snow storm was no natural event; it smacked of a genius, a master of ice and cloud. Setting the iphone to burst mode I dive head-first into the picture, roll beneath the canopy of branches and come up snapping!

Repeat after me: "It's the kobold cook, Skartongue!" Expected more? Yeah, me too.

Repeat after me: “It’s the kobold cook, Skartongue!” Expected more? Yeah, me too.

Ps. Laddle: Skartongue for running late and an ever growing list of Changisms. Can I give you more examples? Baah! Do I look like a kobold to you? Don’t answer that! >:-(

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  1. Kobold chefs, under your bushes, in the snow. Awesome!

    • Well, when you put it like that I’m actually willing to appreciate what I’ve got. I can work with kobolds but what would I have done if it was yellow-robed quick feet under there? I shudder to think….

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