Apr 252016

I had forgotten about this until the recent Anniversary Party event, but DDO has faeries. And not just any faeries, but ones with purple laser wings.

There are so many quests in DDO now, so many! It seems that just about anything that can exist, does exist, in one quest or another. Even laser-wing faeries.

By now you should know better than to doubt, but just to put any thought of that to rest:


Laser Wing FaeriesLaser Wing Faeries

There is a flock of these tiny bad guys (and they are bad – they bite!) in the quest Party Crashers. And in the recently-departed Anniversary Party challenge which was built re-using Party Crashers components and visuals.

The faeries don’t have faces, just tiny, swaying girly bodies with tiny purple bikinis and hair. And of course, shimmery laser-like purple wings.

And little tiny boobs. How interesting that boobs made it into the final art but faces did not. This says something, yes? Something profound and yet at the same time disturbing. Something serious … and this is not the place for serious. So we’ll just overlook all that.


Faceless Laser Wing Faeries

Do you see a face here? Maybe I am just missing it?  Click the image to search for yourself


But I digress. The main point is not the sexism inherent in any of this, it is just how deep and wide our little DDO has become over the years. Everything is in here, somewhere, everything.

Even tiny, faceless, boob-bearing, bikini-clad, laser-winged faeries.



🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. “i don’t believe in faries!” just as you kill the mark – i never fail to find that amusing 🙂

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t make an animated gif, they’re so mesmerising … until they start biting!

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