Apr 012016

DDO in progress

Everyone knows how bad the lag became once DDO moved to the new data center. This cannot be argued.

Everyone has their theories about why, and how much Turbine does or does not care. This can be argued, endlessly. And is.

But we can agree on a handful of facts. Or maybe, only two:

  1. Turbine is aware of the lag and how much it displeases us
  2. Turbine is continuously issuing fixes and improvements

As evidence of fact 1: several statements by Turbine staff. Like this. And all of these. And others that I am not specifically linking.

As evidence of fact 2: several past down times that were announced as episodes to apply testing code or possible lag improvements.

And the process continues. This was posted yesterday afternoon:

We are doing work on Friday morning that we hope and expect will improve conditions in the game worlds. Under no circumstances are we claiming to have “fixed lag”. We are, however, hoping to make an improvement on Friday.

Does that mean there will be a downtime? I am not seeing a downtime announcement, but maybe am missing it, I don’t read the forums exhaustively.

Actually, reading the forums is itself exhausting. But that is a topic for another day.

There have been times in the past, even in the recent past, where Turbine has seemed a little tone deaf on this issue, or defensive, or splitting hairs and parsing words instead of just acknowledging that lag is killing us and needs emergency attention.

Those days are gone. Turbine is on the case, fully engaged.

Will they ever fully solve lag? Will they solve it enough that we can ignore what remains?

Only one way to find out. Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh, the servers are “currently” down… Darn.

    *twiddles thumbs*

    Not sure when it was posted to the launcher, but it’s there now, and the list of red-named server bosses questions my decision to do a quick morning DDO session. I am defeated.
    Or in haiku:

    Red-named servers,
    Perhaps the most daunting foe?
    I am defeated!

    • The posted the downtime notice on the forums yesterday at about 4pm and it showed up in the launcher last evening sometime. There’s been so many downtime notices lately in their attempt to fix this issue that it’s easy to miss them when they show up πŸ™‚

  2. I am over in the UK or work now and as weird as it seems experience very little lag being thousands of miles away from the servers versus just 1.5 hours away from the old ones. What it means who knows just an observation

  3. We were able to complete Thunderholme raids for the first time in nearly a month last night, so it is improving…

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