Jun 062016

Something happened Friday night that has not happened in a long time. Maybe ever.

Friday night is raid night. We’ve been alternating between the Thunderholme raids and the epic Gianthold raid, except for a variety of reasons we haven’t been getting to actually run the Temple of the Deathwyrm. I do not know who is collecting what phlogistons, but if you are gathering Shadow phlogs it has been fairly long dry spell.

It’s not that we didn’t want to run Deathwyrm; more that we couldn’t. Things were too laggy. We tried it a few times during lag storms, we even won once. But mostly we’d all get killed in red light/green light, or spend an hour or two getting to the end fight only to get frozen in place and not be able to finish. Even the time that we won was fatiguing, with multiple episodes of people lagging out and someone having to jump down a level and wait for the lag to pass so everyone could be raised and we could start again.

But a man has to have hope right?

And so there we are again Friday night, standing outside of the Thunderholme adventure area, filling a party for Deathwyrm.

Craig and Joshua have gotten pretty good at the light puzzles. We are through the first set in record time.

And there is no lag.

We get a lucky draw on the mini challenges – Trap Room. Yay!

And there is no lag.

Again the puzzles, and the Bone Guardian, and more puzzles. Again Joshua and Craig knock out the lights like the experts they now are.

And there is no lag.

Next, up, the Shadow Tower/combat room. We are veterans at this by now, no troubles.

And there is no lag.

Finally the end fight. It is surprising how quickly we got to it; a tribute both to our growing expertise at running this raid, but also, to the smoothness of the game play.

There is no lag at all, zero, none.


Lag-free deathwyrm


The image is actually from a previous run, the BattleRagers were my job this run and so I spent the entire end fight with my thumb on the “Block” key. No screenshots would be forthcoming.

Even when I was standing near the dragon, with five BattleRagers hitting on me like their own private pinata, even then, still no lag.

The end fight took an unusually long time – not because of lag, but because we were unusually unlucky with the phylactery. Really unlucky. Patience-trying unlucky. As in, we were starting to wonder if the game had bugged and we would need a GM. That unlucky.

But there was no lag.

Eventually our bad luck ran out and we found the phylactery. And that was that.

No lag, not even a little. Not a skip. Not a pop. Not even the tiniest of rubber bands.

I don’t think that has ever happened on this raid, even before the server move.

I’m sure it is too early to declare final victory over lag. This was only one raid. But still, no lag at all, on a raid that is famously laggy. During prime time on Friday night!

So nice.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You have successfully defeat the lag-dragon!

    Sounds like the kobold behind the curtain has been doing a good job, too 🙂

  2. The developers just need to keep fine tuning what they are doing and lag may be reduced to below pre-server move levels.

  3. well, now you’ve jinxed it. We’re doomed.

  4. That same night I had a massive lag storm dealing with Frame Work. But it was only that quest for some reason.

  5. I wouldn’t say lag free but.. it was where it should be. And the little lag was mild and managable and if it means breaking phylacteris is a little longer. I will take it.

  6. i have do with a full group and mass lag at end. sorry man it’s reality .

    But legendary shroud on LH is playable and no lag on fight.

    • No reason to apologize. Our full group had no lag. Yours had much.

      Clearly there is still work to be done.

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