Nov 082010

People regularly ask me why I put eight levels of wizard on my monk. I used to go into the specific advantages, but (a) it gets boring to type that much and (b) most people still aren’t impressed, and (c) it doesn’t give the whole picture.

I built this character to be a fighter/magic-user because she is fun to play. The eight levels of wizard add to the fun. That is the whole reason: she’s fun!

Oriental AdventuresI tried a lot of fighter/wizard combos but they all sucked at fightering and also at magic-usering and that leaves one with nothing useful at all. On the other hand, twelve levels of Monk provide all of the benefits of a full-on Light monk. I sacrifice Quivering Palm, but I don’t miss it: a pair of vorpal kamas gets you to the same place a lot faster (on those monsters that the game still allows you to instant-kill). She punches a tad lighter but not noticeably: she is essentially as serviceable as any other light Monk. But she is more than compensated by constantly-on Shield, Fire Shield and Displacement.

She duals vorpal kamas when she has to but prefers punching. Hand wraps with +10 stunning are mandatory. Most combats start with Stunning Blow/Stunning Fist, and with the hand wraps stun occurs quite often. She punches very very quickly; once she has something stunned the screen fills with clouds of damage numbers.

But melee is only one of her capabilities. She buffs, she casts, she crowd controls, she keeps her party free of curses and other maladies, she raises the cleric when necessary, and also she punches whatever needs punching.

There are so many buttons to mash to play her correctly. Spells, finishers, must have the right weapon … lots and lots of buttons. Its such a challenge! Playing Oriental is never boring.

I have a lot of characters and I love them all. But Oriental is special. I can’t get her into every group, some people will never understand. She is never going to be the flesh-ripping DPS fiend that my barbarian is, or the brutal crowd lock-down caster that my wizard is. She isn’t supposed to be. She’s supposed to be fun. And she is.

So very fun! 🙂 😀 🙂

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