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A Commando sent me this last night, quite the nice piece of armor actually, for a repetitively TR-ing completionist like my Mawry.

The only price for the armor was that I generate a picture of it equipped: everyone involved was very curious about how it looked. And why not? Check out the game text:

The self-styled kobold ‘Admiral’ Ancker gussied up this old set of leathers to the best of his ability, sticking several makeshift medals to the chest.

Let’s have a look at it.

Kobold Admiral Armor
Pretty, but pretty standard

It looks like a standard leather skin. I forget what the accessory skin is called … Drow Hunter? … but regardless. No medals. Unless the vials in that bandolier count.

The armor comes from somewhere in Three Barrel Cove. I can only assume that my Commando friend is trying to get a leg up on the upcoming epification of this pirate-themed adventureland?

Kobold Admiral's Armor description
Nice armor for minimum level 4

Don’t get me wrong, I like this skin, a lot actually, I already have it on my stick-fighting rogue/acrobat. But I am a bit disappointed by the lack of koboldish accoutrement.

Gripped by the story
searching chestwards fruitlessly
Where are the medals?


Detail of the armor backpack
Maybe the medals are somewhere off in the distance?

My favorite part of this armor skin is the backpack detail. Note the looped cord, always handy, and the bottle of poison. Apparently that pocket is there only to carry poison at all times; the skull-and-crossbones is on the pocket, not on the bottle. A permanent poisoner’s pack.

But not particularly koboldian.

Ah well, Producer Glin has said in the past that art is always the most expensive part of any change, and they clearly weren’t going to invest a bunch of customization into a set of named armor so obscure that I and my entire guild are only now seeing it for the first time in seven years.

Nice armor, definitely, but it had the potential to be awesome in a way that only koboldian-medal-bedecked armor can really be.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I have this set of armor on my (currently) Dwarven Bardarian, you indeed get it as a drop from one of the rares in 3BC!
    Always nice to have more obscure / rare types of equipment, to give us a surprise when we find them. Agree that it would be even nicer if they gave them a more special look (it looks great, but not really fitting the theme in its description)

  2. Yeah the loot pass when the new augment system was introduced resulted in some little gems & 3bc particularly has some very nice lowbie gear – shame so much of it is BtoC on acquire & by the time you get them theyre more TR gear, but there’s a nice spear, the sky pirates dagger is very tasty for a rogue especially, and the greatbow of the scrag is a great bow (hah i see what you did there Turbine!) which can also do bludgeoning damage.

  3. I always preferred the other rogue armour, with the roll of thieves’ tools and the grappling hook… Oh, and Darkweave/leaf for my elves.

    I must have a snoop around for a screenie.

    But, you’re right, there are a lot of named armours in the game that don’t live up to their descriptions. First thing that comes to mind is the carapace armour from Smuggler’s Warehouse, I forget what it’s called (wiki-fu): http://ddowiki.com/page/Calamity%27s_Carapace
    (Does this “form” support any sort of markup?)

    • OK, I got bored, and actually looked for a character currently wearing the “other rogue armour”, yes I’m aware there are more other rogue armours πŸ˜›
      (And I bothered to use Geoff’s Kundarak black-hole)

      In the other news, Calamity’s Carapace looks more like it is made from an owlbear, not a spider (I think it’s just one of the standard hide armour skins).

      • I like that one too

        • I quite like all the utility pouches around the place as well, lockpicks on the wrists etc. I’ve seen some interesting arcane garb with scrolls, component bags and the like, and I’m sure the meatheads get nicey decorated plates of steel too πŸ˜›

          Sometimes it is nice to take a closer look at the detail in this game, even if the game is 7(8?) years old. Reminds me of a post you made a little while ago, I think it was the one I summarised with “Yay DDO”

  4. Interesting set of armor, I have been in Three Barrel Cove a lot and I have never seen this before. I’m assuming it comes out of Admiral Ancker’s chest, the rare kobold that is in the “fortified” camp. Very interesting…

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