Oct 112012

Knicker rages on against the Spinner of Shadows
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I like this image. I don’t have anything funny to say about it, nor even the usual not-funny-except-to-me kind of near-jokes I generally use instead of actual humor.

I just like it.

Knicker, replete with her crafted starter rags and giant blood-dripping axes, swinging away in the midst of full-on two-weapon-fighting, raging.

The Spinner of Shadows, locked in, trying to find an opening where she can squash this uppity yet tiny barbarian.

Webs everywhere, foreboding darkness, giant spidery Evil opposed by valiant yet small and visually insignificant Good.

It must have been taken early in the quest, Heystack Ironhorse is still alive. But even he is doing his part, inflicting (one or two points?) damage with his mace. I see eyes too, they look like panther eyes, it is hard to tell.

So the Spinner of Shadows is outnumbered. But it doesn’t look like it, she looks humongous and all-powerful. She looks like a boss.

Eight-legged fury
Nothing Knicker can’t handle
Giant axes win!

You go, Knicker!

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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