May 012013

Only slightly bewildering
Only slightly bewildering

I’ve been trying to find a way into the new enhancements. I’m not talking about physically accessing them, that is easy, just log into Lamannia. No, I am talking about understanding them. I want to provide usable feedback. I want to be able to explain them to you. But first I have to be able to explain them to myself. There are so many of them! And they are so different! Not just a different set of enhancements but an entirely different way to address enhancements. Very different.

One of the reasons that Turbine chose to undertake this set of changes was supposed to be simplification. I do not believe they have achieved that. The UI is more like the type of skill tree UI one would see in other games (the various Diablos, other MMOs like Conan and Star Wars) but it is not any simpler or less complex.

But I digress. I did eventually find a way into the new enhancements; I will select characters that have a clearly defined type and goals, and work up each one up on Lamannia using the new system and compare the two versions, live and Lamannia, to see what differs. Today it is Knicker’s turn.

Knicker is a Frenzied Berzerker with a Rogue splash that plays as an off-tank. She has furious close-in DPS but little survivability. When fully raged, she has enough hit points to serve as a soft tank in most situations, but is really at her best when grouped up with a tank and a healer.

Her Evasion and excellent Reflex saves are very helpful in situations like Enter the Kobold where a traditional tank falters.

So now off to Lamannia with her and lets see what she looks like when redone anew.

This article is part of a series where I am trying to get my brain up to speed on the new enhancement system. I’m doing it in the context of my characters, examining them one at a time, attempting to rebuild them on Lamannia as they are on the live servers, then stepping back and comparing the before and after versions.


Old Enhancement Capabilities New Enhancement Capabilities
  • Damage boost
  • Attack speed boost
  • DR
  • Longer rages, extra rages, and when raging she gets greater CON and STR
  • Intimidate also causes Shaken
  • Better Power Attack
  • Weapon effects on glancing blows
  • +2 crit multiplier on 19 or 20
  • +1 to will saves
  • +3 sneak attack and +3 sneak attack damage
  • Halfing DEX +2
  • Rogue DEX +1
  • Barbarian CON +3
  • 50 HP
  • Active attacks that add 3[W] & Bleeding, 3[W] & reduced threat, 4[W] and stat damage, or 1D8 poison
  • Sprint boost
  • Temporary hit point boost
  • Extra rages
  • +2 crit multiplier on 19 or 20
  • +5 sneak attack
  • +5D6 sneak attack damage
  • +3 to all saves
  • Halfling DEX +2
  • Barbarian CON +2
  • 10 HP

I tried to choose everything based on accomplishing the same goals as Knicker does now, but it is not that simple. Many of the enhancements have prerequisites that are outside of her goals but are nonetheless required. On the other hand, she is still a Frenzied Berzerker, and the Prestige Enhancements still work largely the same as they had before.

A big exception is Supreme Cleave which is no longer automatically granted at FB2. It has to be taken separately and has become a featured enhancement in its own right; several other enhancements require Supreme Cleave and enhance it when used.

She will have a lot more special Active attacks to deal with; her hotbars are going to need a complete redo. More of her DPS will be “Burst DPS” that is high for brief periods but not sustainable.

She will still have very substantial sustained DPS against most targets, and quite a bit more when sneak attacking. Better saves too, including her Reflex save which is the most important for this build. But less hit points, quite a few less, although there are new ways to earn temporary hit points and that mitigates the loss. Somewhat. Also slightly less CON. Slightly less DEX. Less ability to Rage. Slightly more reliance on a support healer.

Her play style will change and be more button-ey. But the role will not, she will still be an off-tank DPS build that is extra useful in places like Enter the Kobold.

So there you go. One character’s enhancement changes illuminated for your viewing pleasure.

More to come.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I’d disagree that the new system isn’t simpler. I asked my mother (who knows nothing about DDO) to stick enhancements on a character both on Live and Lamannia, and she found the process substantially easier on Lamannia. I think after you’ve been playing long enough, you forget how difficult it is to build towards *any* goal with the current Live system without either prior knowledge or reference to the wiki.

    The new system makes it much easier to figure out how to build towards your goal. You know what you have to do to “unlock” the next enhancement you want. As opposed to on Live, where after you’ve spent a certain number of AP, other enhancements will just *appear*, and the clueless player won’t necessarily know to look for them. The UI (scrolling up and down looking for what you want) is a pain in the backside as well, especially if you already don’t really know what you’re looking for.

    I’m not saying I *like* the new system (I’d like to do a write up sometime on what I think of it all). But it is easier to use. Of course, it’s not worth finding it easier to build towards where you’re going if you don’t *like* where you have to go…

  2. First off, I think this whole enhancement pass has been a very bad idea from the start, on Tubrines side that is. What I mean is, ask almost any player that’s been asking for an enhancement revamp for years and they’ll tell you exactly what they want. Finished pre’s, and a better, more simplified, and “prettier” UI. For the vast majority that’s it.

    Now sure, I would love for AA to not have so many useless pre-reqs.. But I’d much rather have RSIII on my cleric. This is what the community has wanted for so long, and turbine turned that in “OMFGMUSTCHANGE EVERYTHINGNOA!” and we end up with this… “new and not so improved” thing.

    I much prefer the old system. For anyone who wasn’t completely incompetent at gaming, it was simple enough. I spent a few hours the first week I started playing just looking through the enhancement UI trying to decide what I wanted to build on my first ranger, and I made a list of everything that I needed/wanted and it’s pre-reqs. IMO that’s not that unreasonable. At the very least it ensures that the playerbase has some mental capacity.

    I will say that the new UI is very pretty, and i would LOVE if they could put the old Enhancements and the new stuff in there. But if not I’d prefer they keep their hands off my clunky piece of **** UI. It’s my bad UI and I like it just the way it is.

    *grumbling about kids on the lawn*

  3. I’d love to see what’s being done for the Monks during this week but my L-download won’t get past that “Connect” status. Not alone with this; hopefully there’s some solution I can make to get this repaired so I can see what in the hells is going to change for the monastics.

  4. While I do like the new enhancement UI, I have some serious concerns on how multi-class characters will fare with the new system, as proposed. Especially Ranger and Rogue multi-class builds. Why? The current “3 class ‘tree’ limitation”. Since there is no “general” anhancement ‘tree’ (it’s not a “tree” – it’s a “panel” or “pane” ([pain”?]), the “general” ENs are scattered across the PrE “trees” (in some case, it seems haphazardly). For instance: Say you have a tempest ranger/rogue multi-class char. On live, you can access all level-appropriate ENs from eith (all) class(es); with this new enhancement, you must choose only 3 PrE “trees” out of 6 possible. SInce the Favored Enemy (FE) ENs are all located in the “Deepwood Stalker” PrE, naturally, you need to take that PrE (‘cuz, you know – you’re a ranger who wants all the FE benefits). And since you’re a tempest, naturally you need to take the Tempest PrE tree (obvisouly). But since you are a ranger, it would be nice to conjure your own arrows, so you end up taking the Arcane Archer PrE…or do you? I mean, there’s still the Assassin prE – maybe you want that. Or Medchanic or Thief-Acrobat. But no, you just want some extra DD/OL ENs…but they are in the Mechanic PrE. Or maybe you just want a tad more Sneak Attack – wait, that’s in Assassin PrE…

    So now you MUST give-up at least some of what would normally be considered “general class ENs” simply because they are now “PrE” ENs, and you can only have a total of 3 class PrEs. To me, this is wrong. I should be allowed to have any level appropriate class EN I want (and meet the prerequisites for), and not be locked out because I have already selected my PrE “trees”.

    Pure classes I think will really like the new system. Multi-classes…I’m not so sure.

    I think they could modify the system and give greater flexibility to everyone, but I’m afrais it’s too late. But since it is still in “alpha”, maybe – just maybe – there’s a chance if enough vocies cry out, it can be made even better and more flexible for EVERYONE.

    Maybe. 😉

  5. I dunno Comic, maybe. But maybe not. I’ll be doing more characters over time, including at least one multiclass

  6. I hear ya. So far, my only multi-classes are “x”/1-Rog and that’s just so my mostly solo chars can at least have a chance at DD/OL. So I have no “deep” multi-classes to experiment with. But, my 10-Ranger/1-Rogue will have to do without that nice “fast disable” EN, because she will have all 3 ranger PrE’s “locked-in”.

    Ah, well. I would like to hear what other, deep multi-class players have to say about that limitation. So keep us posted.

    {Yeah, like I have to mention that…} 😉

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