Aug 192014

This face appears on all four sides of this vertical beam
Ignore the giant kobold and check out the face
It appears on all four sides of this vertical beam

I was running around our new Halfling Commandos ship, still enjoying it’s overpowering size and just looking at everything, when I noticed it was looking back at me.

The face in the beamThe ship that is. Looking. At me.

What weird feature is this? A strange knot in the wood? But no, this one pillar in the middle of the quarterdeck has this strange face embedded in it. On all four sides. It is not an accident.

But knowing what it isn’t does not help me to determine what it is.

It look vaguely like a 1930s Disney drawing of a native American. Or maybe something more porcine? A cartoon pig? I cannot tell.

Is it Kilroy?

I remain clueless. But I am convinced that it is something; this was put here on purpose. We are supposed to find it.

Are we also supposed to recognize it?

Do you?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  6 Responses to “Kilroy? Is That You?”

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  1. Looks like a cat

  2. It’s the unnamed porcine god of Bacon, who has blessed your ship and those who ride in her.
    Do not question it for it’s name, lest your ship be stripped of its blessed strips of sizzling good. By the fires of the elementals that light the eternal flames of all kitchens, so say we fry.

  3. Definitely NOT Kilroy. “Pigroy, maybe…
    ( 0 0 )

    {I think my ASCII art needs work…}

  4. Stupid parser taking out the extra spaces…

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