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Well, it’s a week before I make my much-anticipated return to playing the DDO! A whole week. The 18th and the 19th are going to be really fun days I think.

During this time I’ve spent away doing stuff with cheese crackers, I’ve been thinking about my Artificer that I play with when me and Comic are doing our Comical runs. So far, she’s been really great. She shoots things, things die. Things dying is always great. Sometimes though, things don’t die quite in the way I would like. For a good portion of her life, she’s been using a +1 Flaming Heavy Repeating Crossbow of Lacerating(at least I think it’s lacerating). Its done quite well against most enemies. However, now that me and mr Comic have reached the mid level quests, I’m finding that it’s not as powerful as it once was. Also, whenever I’ve done a lower level quest on hard or elite, the drop in damage capabilities really seems to drop off.

So on my last day of play, I started really looking at the crafting options. Problem is, I’m not a crafter. At all. I’ll deconstruct things but that’s only because earning plat is a worthless endeavor since the opening of the shard auction house(+1 stat tomes being sold for 500k plat?! Really?!). But, I was looking at things that could be added to a weapon and tried to get an opinion from Comic about what would be good for an ‘All purpose crossbow’. Pretty much a crossbow that’s good for most situations. He gave the advice for me to ask someone who would probably know a bit more(or something like that). So, here I am, asking you peeps: For a level 16 Artificer, what would make a good crafted all-purpose crossbow for me? Its something Id really like to know so that I can keep killing ugly creatures with ease. Any help that can be provided on this issue would be muchly appreciated!

Last blog I wrote I promised a more in-depth view about my time spent playing Star Trek Online. Well, whether you like it or not, here it is!

Now there are a few reasons why I started playing STO. First: I was becoming stressed with people on SWtOR and feeling like my ability to have fun was starting to drop off some. Secondly: Comic had mentioned the game a few times during our playing on weekends together. Lastly: I like the Star Trek shows. I think they’re a lot of fun to watch. It probably also helps that I started watching the shows again in chronological order(Enterprise, Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and finally ending with Voyager. In that order.). I wasnt able to fully watch the shows when I was younger, or even comprehend what was really happening. Now that I’m older though and am able to, I’m finding them to be very enjoyable. So, I figured, ‘Why not give the MMO a shot?’.

graphically, the game has a dated sometimes goofy look. At one point during the Federation tutorial, Elisa has what appears to be a head 3 or so times too big! That’s the goofyness I’ve noticed thus far. As for the dated part, unlike some people who obsess over ‘realistic’ graphics, I don’t really mind how the game looks. I mean, I still play those old side scrollers where everyone is pretty much made of blocks! Also, dated graphics allows me to play the game on a higher setting than I normally could(my computer isn’t built for gaming.) so that’s a nice plus.

Sound wise, the game is alright. Theres not a whole lot of different sounds. The ship and ground weapons all have the sounds that they did in the shows. There is one problem I seem to encounter with repeaters though. Whenever I use the secondary fire option(full auto or something like that), the sound doesn’t seem to work. So it pretty much looks like I’m shooting like crazy with a silencer or something. The music portion of the game is… pretty dull. The music itself isn’t the problem. The music itself is really quite good. It’s the variety that’s the issue. You pretty much go through the whole game hearing the same few songs over and over again. Gets kind of annoying. Voice overs are alright, not great. The developers didn’t seem to have any clue how much of the game they wanted there to be voice overs on. You’ll get a chunk of mission briefings with voice overs followed by a chunk without followed by another chunk with them. Also, what few voice overs there are, are cheaply done. Most of the Klingon characters in the game sound like certain characters off of South Park instead of a big scary Warrior. It makes taking the STO Klingons seriously really difficult.

Gameplay is really simplistic. Theres not a plethora of weapons and armor in the game so you generally have an idea of what exactly you want to use. Ground maps suffer from being much to small and easy to beat. With a full away team that’s fully equipped with the best weapons and armor you don’t need you pretty much become an invincible fighting force. Space maps are a bit more challenging but suffer from their repetitive nature(something that ground maps suffer from as well). You can pretty much go into most missions knowing what you’re going to have to do. Normally it goes something like Space-Ground-Ground(building interior)-Space-Mission Accomplished. The game also suffers from leveling up the player much too quickly. In 70 hours playing on my Federation character I managed to reach the level cap. Story campaign wise I’m only 1/3 of the way through the Cardassian campaign which is only the third one in for the Federation side with 5 more to go. The coolest thing the game has to offer is its ‘Foundry Quests’ which are player made and can be quite a bit of fun.

Overall, I like the game even with its flaws. It doesn’t even remotely compare to other MMOs such as DDO, LotRO, SWtOR or WoW and I wouldn’t call it a true competitor. At least not yet. To sum up, the games biggest pro: Player made content. The games biggest con: Too easy to level up. Id give the game a 3/5. If it wasnt for foundry quests, Id probably only give it a 2 or 2.5.

Of course, again, I took some pictures to share of my main Federation character along with the ships under her command. And as usual, I’m gonna share!


The U.S.S. Branwyn


The U.S.S. Bridget


My Shuttle, the U.S.S. Eostre


The U.S.S. Epona


The U.S.S. Latis


The U.S.S. Lugh


My current primary ship, the U.S.S. Morrigan

T'Paal Battle

T’Paal visiting Starfleet Academy on Earth in full battle gear

I’m sorry if some, or most, of the pictures aren’t of great quality. Space is a dark place and my ships have dark hulls. I was kind of in a rush to get them done and wasnt thinking too clearly about that at the time.

Hopefully, I’ll remember to take some screenshots next time I’m on DDO! Also, I’d like to take this time to say that the third chapter of my story has been all edited and finished. I haven’t started writing the fourth chapter yet but I will soon! I’m looking forward to sharing them with you guys and gals!

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and I’ll eat your souls if you didn’t!


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  1. Nice. If you want a challenge, you can try playing the quests on a higher difficulty setting. Also – I liked the summer and winter events. They are a nice break from the same ol’ same ol’. But you are right that most of the game seems to pretty much have the same formula – space, ground, (sometimes space again), and complete.

    BUT, I hear there are more open areas inthe new content (the Dyson sphere) – but you have to be level 50+ to get in there, and I’m only L37.


    • I haven’t quite reached that yet. I gotta beat the other campaigns first. It does look interesting though. As for increasing the difficulty, now that I’m more comfortable playing the game I was planning to do that and see just how much it would change. Should be an interesting experiment! 🙂

  2. For crafted repeaters:
    Screaming of bleeding
    Holy of pure good(if you can use pure good) -or-
    Holy of bleeding (if you can’t)

    Those two will get you through most anything up to level 20. Other than the pure good shard, the other shards require reasonably low crafting levels to make (I think around 40?). You don’t need to put a + on a crafted repeater, since it doesn’t stack with the + of your bolts.

    Look for a Silver Slinger once you are high enough to do the Spinner of Shadows quests.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you very much! I will certainly make a note of this and look into crafting those next time I’m on! And if I cant, I’ll make comic do it for me! 😀

  3. Nice dreadnaught!

    • Fog I’ve me if this reply is a brainfart moment of mine but I don’t think any of my ships are a dreadnaught? Which ship were you referring to?(like I said I’m tired and brain might not be fully functioning).

  4. You will also like the double-crossbow, if you can find it. And you can also send a message to Lrdslvrhnd and see if he can craft you shome shards, too. I’m pretty sure Otifalcon has some high crafting abilities.


  5. Timb & Comic have covered my suggestions so I’ll not repeat 🙂

    And the ships from STO look great!

  6. If you can find one, I always enjoyed my Night’s Grasp Crossbow. It’s Dex damage on top of negative energy. Awesome times. Bad against undead though.
    The Doublecross Bow does have one major drawback, in that while putting opponents to sleep sounds good in theory, when you’re using a repeater, the next shot is coming so fast, there’s not much time to avoid shooting at them again and waking them. The damage on it is good though.

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