Mar 192016

Don’t think I’m not aware of the irony that my last post was called The Resurgence of DDO…

Lag issues this weekend have the DDO player community in an uproar. There are the usual threats by the players of non-renewal of subscriptions and of trotting off to play a different MMO.

Oddly, there are other things being said that are just a bit emotional. Among those are:

The data center move was done because Time Warner insists the game costs too much to maintain.

Severlin, Chief Developer, was hired to get players to quit so there will be less lawsuits when the ultimate plot is revealed: the deletion of DDO altogether.

The developers have it in for the players so they are knowingly blaming the player community for the lag issues.

The game developers are unhappy with working at Turbine and so are sabotaging the play-ability of DDO.

All of those emotionally charged views are gleaned from the DDO forums. They are made by rightfully incensed consumers but they are also most likely absurd in the extreme.

There is a very real but very remote chance that DDO’s next announcement will be ‘It’s over. Thanks for the ten years.’

There is also a chance that I’ll become a long-distance runner in the next Boston Marathon.

Neither nightmare is likely to come true.

There is a chance, however, that DDO could go into a dreaded ‘maintenance’ phase so that the data center problems can be resolved.

I hope that doesn’t happen because I believe DDO’s possible resurgence will become a possible death knell.

I play other games and I can tell you, sometimes it’s hard not to get lost in them and forget about logging onto my DDO characters. I make a conscious effort to maintain an interest on Eberron and to keep my characters active.

But DDO isn’t the only game around.

The owners, Warner Bros., need to get involved if you ask me. The lag is crippling on most servers and rage quitting is the norm right now.

I gleaned that from the forums, too, and I’m witnessing it firsthand on Argonnessen.

Yes, Dungeons and Dragons is just a game. We should all be going on with our lives while we wait for the lag fixes to take place. But it’s not just a game for some of us, now is it?

Like Gerald Goodblade’s comments in the header picture, there are legendary bragging rights at stake about our exploits in Dungeons and Dragons cyberland. I recently TR’d an archaic character on Argo and I want to play it, dammit. Believe me, I can relate to the emotions.

But maybe we should take inventory of our feelings about all this lag. Are we dissatisfied consumers or are we raging malcontents who could care less about the other human beings involved in the lag equation: the people at Turbine trying to keep their jobs.

I suggest we take it easy, folks. It’s my opinion we’ll all come out on the other side of this with a smoother running game and a renewed commitment to its excellence in the future. Let’s at least give the human beings working to fix it a chance to do just that.

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  1. Last night, I was playing on Sarlona. Lag killed me three times (the last time might actually be more of my fault rather than lag). But I still crawled forth, towards the shining end of the goal. In the end, I gained an action point, a level, and a fancy short sword. Lag is just another monster to be vanquished through the quest. Though it comes back faster than the heads of a hydra, we still press on.

  2. Everyone that is fuming over the lag should just take a three month hiatus from DDO. If, after three months, the lag is still unbearable then you should perma-quit and move onto something else.

  3. I love ddo and lag has been part of it for a long time, sometimes it get worse other times better. But I do feel like the game has been going downwards. Lag is part of it, the lack of end game the other. Also, old loot has become close to obsolete with the random loot changes, and level increase etc. All in all, even I who’s a ddo addict have found that the only reason I log in now-a-days is because of the people, my guildies and in game friends.

    • One thing about new random loot changes:

      I thought that the old loot style was going to be irrelevant, too, but now I’m not so sure. Crafting old style items is actually more relevant now. I can put effects on that I want and some effects I can’t get from new loot.

      I thought the new random loot was a big mistake at first but now I’m thinking there was more thought put into it by the developers than I’d originally suspected.

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