Feb 272014

I am feeling DOoooooommMM-y today. I think this vaguely dreadful set of emotes was invoked by the news yesterday that DDO has a new producer. Again. Only six months after the last time we had a new producer.

Nothing against Producer Vyvyanne, I am sure she is a most-excellent and top-shelf DDO producer. This is a promotion for her, last year she was simply a “DDO Producer” while now she is Franchise Director. Congratulations Vyvyanne!

But still it is unsettling. Our last producers lasted an average of five years each.* Our new ones only six months.

* And speaking of the Paiz team, where are they? Rowan has moved to LotRO, meaning that both Kate Paiz and Fernando Paiz are no longer publicly associated with anything. Yet they are still at Turbine according to LinkedIn. Something so Vast and Mysterious that no one has even a sniff as to what it is?

Once I get in a DOoooomMMY frame of mind I start seeing more DOoooomMM wherever I look. And there is a lot of DOooooommMM to see: Asherons Call is getting their last update ever. Vanguard is shutting down in July. Nintendo is turning off their online services. Layoffs in the gaming business everywhere.

And DDO, well, we’ve turned into a game where our developers get laid off, our big annual anniversary birthday party consists of hour-long trivia contests held on a weekday during business hours, and we can’t even hold onto our top executive.

See how DOoooooMMY I get once I get going? I should have listened to my first instinct and just posted some kind of silly cartoon today. Except I did that yesterday.

I am going to physically wrench myself out of this mindset and find a better way to look at things. Hold on.


<grinding noise>



There that’s better. Now let’s take another look around.

The game industry continues to make incredible amounts of money. The best games out-earn the highest-grossing movies.

Vanguard was one of several games that were released after DDO and were supposed to be DDO-killers. Except not. Vanguard is shutting down while DDO powers on.

Asherons Call may be winding down, but not out, it is going fully free-to-play and will stay powered up indefinitely. And hey, the biggest surprise in this announcement was not the fact that the next update will be the last, it is that a 15-year-old first-generation MMO was still getting updates!

And as for DDO, well, I don’t know, having a hard time getting out of the gloom on this one. We have Cordovan valiantly putting together as big an anniversary party as he can, seemingly all by himself, and bravo for the courageous effort. Vyvyanne, having finally attained entrance to the world of Franchise Directing, seems likely to want to do something with all that title. Something new and different and creative to make her mark. Hopefully something we will like! But change is at least change; the updates are still coming.

Still feeling DOoooommMY though. I need a pep talk. Or a shot of Divine Vitality. Or maybe, something that is every bit as over-the-top juvenile as it is thoroughly immature. Or both! And so …

Ayron DVing
Only click here if you are unusually juvenile and immature.

There. I do feel better.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. lmao @ picture. But may I recommend next time you need DDO boobs you try a Shadar Kai (female of course)


  2. I’ve spent a little over a year lazily observing a few tablet games to anticipate what might be in the pipes for Ddo. Your gif hit the nail on the head. Invasive on-screen invitations to get the latest deal. Hurry hurry blink blink flash flash only 7 minutes remaining for this special chest. Insert a big SALE: 50% more turbine points on the last two frames of the gif (breasts)and I think u have it. πŸ™‚

  3. Consolidation is key to keeping profitable in the MMO world, I think. There’s only so much attention to be split about. Also, the audiences are less…sophisticated than tabletop players (more HULK SMASH GIVE ME A NUMBER CRUNCH than “Elminster slept with WHO? or “I decide to step on the trapped stone anyway” player). There’s still much to say about DDO’s storyline format, good and bad, but the story IS there and the D&D formatting helps keep it going. Doom and gloom have been unwelcome roommates for me in the last few days, but I do see quite a bit of sun for our game at present.

  4. Let me follow that up. Possible post or DDOcast round table on what we might anticipate in the field of micro-financing. Compare methods used by some games to get your $. Tablet games make massive moola. They are inherently p2w PvP. πŸ™ the other route is to wall ourselves off from our fellow players and decorate out ships and imagine that we actually travel to far off locals.

  5. Wait… So that trivia thing is all that’s happening this year? Bummer dude πŸ™

    • No, there is more happening. Just, not ON the anniversary. Instead it’s coming with the update (which was supposed to be out this week but got pushed back.) We are getting a collectible card game that gives unique items and loot.

    • No i think update 21 will be part of the anniversary too. Although not this weekend. Look for bonus loot, bonus xp, and some giveaways.

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