Apr 102013

Just Say No to MyDDO
Just Say No

The myDDO blogging diaspora continues. To date, I am aware of 15 new DDO-related blogging sites. In addition, seven authors have asked to be able to post here on DDOGamer, although there are a couple of authors that have their own sites AND permission to post on DDOGamer.com.

It is a little difficult to track, but it seems likely that all or at least most of the more prolific myDDO posters have struck out on their own.

Not to worry, whether they are building it for themselves or sheltering here, the important thing is that everyone still has a home. And everyone does. The vital task of making everyone’s opinions known about everything continues uninterrupted.

So vital. So uninterrupted.

I am collecting the complete list of 15 sites on this page. You can find the latest journal entries from these 15 blogs, in excerpt form, on the same page. The same always-up-to-date list of excerpts is published on the front page of DDOGamer.com in the box labeled “Other DDO Blogs”.

You can find much or all of the same information on Evennote’s combined RSS feed OurDDO. She has been doing yeoman’s work of getting the word out about her feed. I would like to cross check the list of people she has enlisted to make sure I have them all, or if perhaps I have one she may have missed. I haven’t figured out how to do this yet, but I will.

As it was before,
talking about DDO:
Public opinions

And so our world continues spinning. One less combined site, 15 more individual sites. Everyone still has a voice, everyone still has a home, and everyone still has not one but two different ways to find everyone else DDO-related.

Welcome to the new world. It’s not so bad.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Thank you, Geoff. 🙂

  2. The new world: A bit better, actually. I don’t lose new articles to a limited internal reader. It’s far easier for all of us to use WP or other blog features for better formatting of text and images. And you can say what you want–no need to censor yourself to hold to Turbine’s rules (not that rules aren’t a bad thing).

    I heard we’re even giving out cookies, somewhere.

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