Jun 212014

The Mizza Zone

No. Not *THAT* kind of quickie. Just a short ‘no, Im not quite dead yet’ blog.

So, its been ages since my last blog. Theres a very good reason for this. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know why. If you dont follow me on Twitter, youre either a loser who doesnt quite realize how awesome I am or youre the smartest person on Earth and keep miles away from me at all costs. Well, whatever the case, I havent been playing for one simple reason: Work work work. Such a busy Mizzy I am.

As is usual for me every year for the last bazillion years, I do work on the family buisness’. This usually includes hay, logging, cows, weed pulling, cows, more hay, more weed killing, logging and cows. More ofton than not, Im on my feet doing physically taxing work for 12ish hours a day leaving me way too damn tired to do any real video game playing even on a no work day. Pretty much, when Im not working I become an excessivly lazy person. But then again, you would too if you had a physical 12 hour job(sticks tongue out at Grampy).

That all being said, I do spend at least a little time playing video games, though Im usually much happier sitting back and watching movies on Hulu and Netflix(no thinking is involved in watching movies). I have used some of my money on a quartet of games though.


Those are the games I got. Now, in case anyone who reads my blog is illiterite and cant read they are: Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2, Fable 3, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom & Mass Effect 2. Very good stuff. Im a very happy Mizzaroo. Only one Ive really played was Mass Effect 2. Very good game. Fun stuff.

Fable has been a favorite of mine since the Xbox reboot. Fable 2 was alot of fun as well. So, when I saw Fable 3 for $5, I had to get it. Then Kingdum Under Fire was a no brainer as well. I loved the games on my old Xbox and even though they decided to stray away from their roots(they went from Action RTS to action RPG) its still fun. Though, so far its missing one of my favorite aspects of the other two. One of my biggest loves of the first two was the music track for them. Blue Side is(as far as I know at least) a South Korean developer company. So being made by an Asain company, I thought the game would have a goofy music track. Instead, it has a heavy metal one. Shocked the hell out of me. In the fun way. Sadly, It doesnt look like they continued that in Circle of Doom. Mass Effect 2 was easily the most must get of the 4. Mass Effect 1 quickly became my obsession game. I love the universe the games take place in and am super excited to eventually get my hands on number 3. One thing that did piss me off was that in order to continue a relationship with a certain character from the first game, I have to spend an additional $10 to get the DLC that allows me to. BOOOOO!!!! Ah well. To be honest, Mass Effect is worth the extra money(though they should have included this shit at the very least in the game instead of as DLC). And the Dead or Alive game… Well… Boobs. Big, bouncy, jiggly, barely there bikinis, boobs. Nuff said. Also, I own the first one on my old Xbox as well. Cause, yuh know… Boobs.

Thankfully, while playing these games I havent loaded any areas that have suddenly gone all bright colors like Mr Geoff has in Amarth(or however its spelled). Though, I did once enter a house on Skyrim and fall through the floor into grey hell. That was fun.

Outside all that, not much is new. Its almost mah birfday. Yup it is. Its also almost Christmas. Dont listen to Grim when she says otherwise.

Thats all.



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  1. Well…. it’s closer to Christmas than it was last month….

  2. Pfftt 12 hour work days. You’re young. You can take it.

    Now get on and play some DDO.

  3. Me father comes from the life farm and the cousins still farm the family land outside Estevan Saskatchewan. Best peeples is you farm peeples. I definitely Mizzz the timez I spent there as a kid. Nuzzle a moo for Luedwig will ya?

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