Aug 102011

Friday night was the annual semi-official GenCon DDO player get-together at Jillians. I took a lot of shots. Also some pictures.

DDO party at Jillian's

LFM: Jillians on EPIC

Eventually the shots won and the pictures became more and more blurry until I gave up altogether.

Here’s one with Tolero and KookieKobold taken before I reached the point of too-inebriated-to-use-my-pocket-camera:

Tolero and KookieKobold: Brave souls in a drunken land
Turbinites Sighted. Lock coordinates and commence information extraction!

The real problem was CD and his evil list of drinks. We hit everything on this list that did not contain Jack Daniels. Some things we hit more than once 🙂

A truly evil list.

Fun though

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. “I think somebody’s had ti many martoonis.”

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