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When I first started adventuring, I thought of many creatures as unintelligible pests at best. However, upon researching some of these monsters, I began to see that they themselves have their own unique society that’s being infringed upon by outsiders. What surprised me most was the lowly kobold, whom at first appeared as beggars, thieves, and delusional dragon fanatics. But their legend offers more than that.

What the kobolds have to say ties in directly to the history of this world, involving the battle of the Progenitor Wyrms. They claim that after the world formed, they were created directly from Eberron, Siberys, and Khyber, each of those three creating a different subrace. This theory would make the kobolds the oldest creatures on Eberron, even older than the dragons of Argonnessen, and thus often gives kobolds nothing but ridicule, as they are notoriously weak and fearful, and represent none of this so-called greatness.

Behold the Kobold

However, as farfetched as it seems, I have noted something odd about some kobolds of a swamp tribe. The Swampfang tribe house strange black-scaled kobolds with red eyes, a fitting description of the feared Khyber kobolds. However, these kobolds also live near a black dragon, and may have been magically altered, or they are young and were born that way as a result of being in close proximity to a dragon.

More evidence needs to be found if the kobold’s theory is to be proven true. Not only does the Khyber strain need to reveal more members, but the Siberys strain hasn’t even been discovered or anything close to it. The legend speaks of winged golden kobolds that live deep in the mountains of Xen’drik and Argonnessen. As pointed out before, nothing of the sort has been seen on Xen’drik, and I doubt the dragons will allow outsiders to run after a story on their turf.

I’m sure that if these Siberys kobolds wanted to be discovered, they would have announced their presence long ago. Since they haven’t, assuming there is something to do the announcing, one can only assume that they may be peaceful and enjoy the isolation of being in the mountains. An enjoyment that could be ruined by members of the common race, particularly members of the Wayfinder Foundation, the Twelve, and the Church of the Silver Flame, all of whom would invade their way of life to gather information and artifacts, and force “civilized” life onto the poor creatures.

One final note to add is that these small creatures possess a mysterious and astounding ability to leap nearly three times their height. However, requirements must be met for this phenomenon to occur. First, the kobold in question must be jumping backward. Second, said kobold has to be backed up against a wall, of which they will proceed to stand on. There is, surprisingly, no recorded evidence of this event happening in any library, and the kobolds themselves seem unaware of performing such an act.

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  1. Perhaps, to the lowly kobold, there is no spoon.

    • No spoon? But that mean no cookie for kobold. Kobold sad, bring back spoon.

      • No, there’s still’s just that no spoon means your warm cookie will not have the pleasure of being in the middle of a delicious juxtaposition of cold ice cream & hot fudge sauce.

  2. I’m still waiting for an epic level quest where you encounter a dragon called Arboth who greets you with a triumphant “I TOLD YOU SO!”

  3. I always thought the kobolds were hiding something…perhaps there is something to the ramblings of Arboth in Ataraxia’s Haven 😛

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