Nov 272013

The Mizzazone 2

So, I was thinking recently about my various writing projects. I dunno why, but they just popped into my head at random. As those of you from MyDDO may remember, I started writing a story that followed one of my characters in DDO. It was a story about Minel, the Elven Barbarian.

Now, its been ages since I even took up the story. Hell, I havent even written any outlines for it! The story itself had 3 reincarnations. The first was kinda simple and rough. The second had more thought put into it but still didnt feel right to me. The third and final was longer, deeper and much better written. Also, it featured my sister as my “Editor in Chief”.

One of the reasons I stopped was that my sister was pretty damn busy. Her husband was about to return from AIT and they were going to be moving to Oklahoma. Then of course she had a baby girl who was starting to move around and get into all sorts of trouble. Lastly, she was pregnant with her son. All this combined to make her just too tired to help work on the story. Mostly, her job revolved around spell checking me. But even more important, her job was to actually read it and be my critic, ask questions, give suggestions. At times, she even went out of her way to restructure a sentence or paragraph, once even adding a few sentences of her own.

The system worked by me writing out the rough version. When I finished with that, Id email it to her. Shed email me the first edit, Id read over the chapter and make changes I felt were needed then send it back to her. The most a back and forth ever got was 7 edits for one chapter. Eventually, when I felt comfortable with it, Id post it and hope people were reading and enjoying it.

The other reason I stopped was that writing is alot of work. Its also one of the most difficult things to do. I want my characters to have depth, I want them to breathe, feel, to be alive in some way. Id literally sit in front of my computer for an hour or more looking at just one paragraph, one sentence or even just one word and think, ‘Does this fit? Does it feel right?’. One of the things that  always worries me is if it were to recieve loads of critisizim. Im not the greatest writer in the world, I would never claim to such a thing but being critsized is something that still feels like a blow to the tummy sometimes. The upside to that though is that Im mature enough to accept it instead of going nuts on the person even explaining something they may have misunderstood.

After MyDDO died and I started writing on Blogspot, I wrote a chapter following two Hobbits of mine on LotRO. It was, in my opinion, a fun thing to write. It also didnt feature my sister doing edits, so it was pretty rough when I posted. I still did alright in my opinion though.

The point of this blog is this:

I was thinking about both stories, my Minel the Elven Barbarian & Hobbit stories, and started thinking it would be fun to take up writing one or both again from where I left off. The thing is though, I dont want to put time, energy or effort into something no ones going to read or pay attention to.

So to you, readers, I pose a question:

If I were to start writing them again, would you read them?

If yes or no, please, please say so in the comments. This is something Id really like some feedback on.

Thats it for this blog! Thank you all for reading! Take care and have fun!


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  1. Fan fiction is fun! Sure I’d read it.

  2. Of course I’d read it!

  3. I would have to concur, I would like to read them as well!!

  4. I think if you like to write, you want to write & you can find the tie to write – you should write!!

    Hell, we’re all DDO players, you’re going to find some readers 😀 And we’re (mostly) all nice people – I don’t think any criticism would be harsh – only constructive (I mean – have you seen the spelling on Samius’ blog? Sorry Samius, but it’s true!) 😛

    Do eet!!

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