Apr 152014

Greatclub of the Scrag
It is called a “Greatclub” but it’s not that great. Except size-wise.

It’s never been high on my acquisition list, but it’s always been there, somewhere, the Greatclub of the Scrag. Not because I needed a two-handed club – although Chelena Armstrong (the World’s Strongest Halfling) does like the two-handed bludgeoners – and not because there is anything particularly good about it.

But because it is so gigantic. Even when held by a halfling. Big, very big. Stupendously so when held by a warforged or half-orc.

Greatclub of the ScragIt comes in three flavors. When you first find it, it is “dampened” and needs to be unlocked at the Altar of Vulkoor. It can be upgraded again, to Epic, using the old-school seal/shard/scroll epic crafting system.

It is not particularly powerful in any of it’s incarnations, although the unlocked version is decent for level 7:

The epic version is particularly underwhelming, and is easily overpowered by most of the randomly-generated loot you may stumble across around level 20.

But it sure is big. I am fairly sure that the Greatclub of the Scrag is the biggest weapon in the game, bigger even than the sword Insanity. Totally worth having even if all you do is break it out every now and then, maybe while your group is forming, just to see the reactions.

Not useful, but fun. And fun is itself a sort of usefulness.

Greatclub of the Scrag
Everyone will be impressed. Until you link it’s stats.

Now that I think about it, fun is the best sort of usefulness.

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  1. The Great Club of the Scrag and Insanity are definitely the most interesting “oversized” weapons in the game..at least by appearances :).

  2. You’re not making Chelsea…uh…compensate for anything, are you?

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