Aug 112013

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Okay, okay, okay. So its actually AFTER muh birfday, but I can still claim it to be muh birfday if I wanna. If you havent noticed, I have a new bloggy thingy. It was made by the ever so creativly talented Mr Geoff Hanna for muh birfday. Alot cooler than a poster I think. So, thank you again mr guy with a face!

So, the last few days Ive spent my time playing my Guardian. He ended up permanetly replacing my Trooper. It isnt that I didnt LIKE my Trooper, remember I gushed a bit about the Trooper class in my last blog, but I ran into what Im calling the F2P bug because it seems to only affect F2Pers as far as I can tell. What happens is that once you hit lvl 15, when you leave the character and try to get back onto it, you end up getting an error saying something about having to verify your account. Me, being the oh so impatient girl that I am, I ended up just deleting him thinking he was bugged and Id never be able to play on him ever again. Turns out, I had to simply change the email address my account was linked to, verify the mail, then change back to my old email, verify the email again, then itd be fixed. I do miss him but at the same time, Ive come to enjoy my Guardian and it is good practice for when me and my sister advance into the game.

Today, me and my sister got to actually play SWtoR together for the first time. Since it was my first time grouping up with someone on the game, it took me a little while to figure some stuff out. Thankfully, I learned how to earn social points a few days back so I was able to earn a few with her today. We didnt get very far because it ended up being a little later in the day than we expected but considering she has two babies to take care of, it wasnt a big deal. Spent the first maybe 10-15 minutes teaching her the basics of the game. How to set up her bars, how to target and use abilities, how to read her mini map. That kind of stuff. The enemy drop and security box loot took a bit for me to figure out how it worked but we did. In the end, we managed to get to level 4 together before her little man woke up and I had to go and get some stuff.

Got a new bookshelf for my War Room. Got all my music, games and movies onto it along with the majority of my books. Its packed. Its a huge bookshelf but I managed to pretty much fill the shelves within 10 minutes. I couldnt get all of my books on it because some of them are being used to balance something and the shelf was all outta room for them anyways.



Later this morning, in a few hours to be specific, I will be on DDO to do the final day of Cove. Hopefully we can get enough runs in to where I can get heavy fortification on my uber awesome hat along with maybe some concentration boost. Im also hoping that Ill be able to get the Spyglass. Its seriously needed. Ill be joined by Commie and the beautiful miss Evennote. Maybe one or two others all depending on if he can get permission to play.

I had a good birfday. They may not be as exciting as some peoples, but to be honest, I prefer them to be slow lazy days over some wild crazy party day, you know? For the last three birthdays, Ive been playing DDO. I just want to take the time to say thank you to all the people from the old MyDDO for making the game as fun as its been. Youre all awesome people for putting up with my poorly written blogs, my rantish blogs and my poorly written rantish blogs. So, again, thank you all and have happy gaming!


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  1. Happy birthday! ( whenever it was 😛 )

  2. Who were the “one or two others” you mentioned?

    Not that I need to know, but just curious…

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