Dec 082014

Inferno of the Kobold? Kobold of the Damned?
Inferno of the Kobold? Kobold of the Damned?

The guild is running Inferno of the Damned. Been there, done that, a lot! But still, need the walkthrough. Too complicated for me to learn it by heart. Too complicated for any of us to learn by heart.

Check walkthrough. Move. No, not that fast. Move more carefully. Double-check the walkthrough. Fight.

Wait, don’t break that portal!

Am I in the right place?

So complicated. One minute you are on the living side, being accosted by living bad guys. The next: undead, and fire creatures, and especially, undead that cast fire.

Hot. In. Here.

But nonetheless, progress occurs, as it always does. We’ve never learned to run this quest fast, but we have learned how to run it thoroughly; all the loots belong to us.

It’s a good night for loots too, three different epic items dropping in the chests (and later, in the end reward list, and the story arc end reward list). Everyone gets at least one thing they can use.

But what’s that? Double check the walkthrough again, no, there’s nothing about a giant kobold.

Giant kobold?

Yet still, there one is, “giant” only by kobold standards, this one is tall enough to look down on a tall Halfling. And the hit points! 12500!

The kobold looks kinda familiar. Like the ones that +Sir Whatsisname used to drop in taverns at the end of live events. They never hit anything, maybe they couldn’t? Maybe there is a whole family of them, giant kobolds with giant hit points yet no melee skills whatsoever, capable only of standing there looking unusual whilst getting beaten into a vaguely reptilian pulp.

There is no explanation as to why it is standing here in the fiery undead side of the Inferno of the Damned.

It is not fiery. It is not undead. Yet there it is.

Ah well, nothing for it but to provide it the beating it seems to be expecting. After all, we have quests to run, loots to procure, and no time for kobolds.

Still, what a strange place to find one. I’ve noticed the odd kobold here and there; maybe it is time to start keeping track of the places they appear.

Maybe there is a connection! Maybe there is some sort of diabolical story arc that involves the Kobold Secret Service and their plot to … nah. I’m just wishing, we all know it’s a bug.

Still, one can imagine.

And hope.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. 🙂 the ddo des seem to have found a love for kobolds. They’re pretty much everywhere now-a-days. I also reacted to finding kobolds in Inferno.

  2. I kinda like that kobolds are the default “there’s supposed to be something here but it’s bugged” replacement, i wonder if he’s the reincarnation of Biff the Understudy? 🙂

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