May 152015

It's all fun and gamesI came home from work the other day, wandered into the office, kissed my (gaming) Gamer Girl hello, and headed to my usual perch at my desk.

Except it wasn’t my usual perch at all. Something was different. There was a t-shirt draped across the back, one I didn’t recall seeing.

Checking the look on my Gamer Girl’s face, it quickly became apparent that in fact, no, I hadn’t seen this t-shirt before, and that it was a gift. Or a “prezzy”, as she likes to call them, a term which she also uses for end rewards in-game as well as in real life.

A prezzy. For me. For no reason at all. Just because.

Sometimes I look at people and think just how lucky they are. Generally when that happens I am looking at someone rich and famous. I don’t envy them, especially not for the famous part, and I know that most of them have a talent or a work ethic or both that helped to put them in the position they occupy.

Not envy. Just awareness; a whole lot of luck was involved in their success. Luck of looks, or circumstance, or parentage, or just lucky timing.

And then I come back to earth and look around me. Which of them is really luckier than I? None. Not a single one.

I bet they don’t even have a cool t-shirt like I do.

It is so cool that I had to do a rework of the image text only:

It's all fun and games until someone fails a saving thrown

I really like how that looks. Pretty cool.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Nice. A Custom?

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