Jun 302015

I started this for an article earlier this week but could not get it completed in time.

Now I have.

Is this my “favorite” trap in DDO? That would be a tough call, there are several elaborate, elegant, or just super-trappy traps that you’d have to consider: the secret door trap in Foundation of Discord, the back hallway in Rushmore’s Mansion, Rivior’s treasure room in the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, the falling doors in HHE extended; probably more that I am just not considering at the moment.

But whether this is number one or not, it is certainly among the best-looking traps in DDO. With bonus points for elegance; deadly but also beautiful.

There are two versions. The smaller 3MB version embedded in this article, and the full-sized 1900×1024 7.5MB beauty you can find here.

Its a Trap!

So round, so firm, so fully … picked? Piked? Spiked?

A circle of steel,
Blade-forged choreography;
Kills with elegance

Clearly someone had some fun making this one.

Deadly but awesome!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Actually, I want to know which trap hirelings find most appealing.

    But the answer’s probably “all of ’em.”

    • Time must be spent inside a trap if one seeks to truly appreciate it’s inner workings. Unfortunately…

    • The ones most easily avoided, like the big, pools of acid in “Proof is in the Poison”? At least, those seem to be the ones they are most drawn to…

  2. Reminds of you the Game Of Thrones, Throne… when it’s all “sprung”

  3. Hey let me get that for you. -Hanork

  4. just need to graft in Admiral Akbar yelling ‘It’s a trap!’ 😉

  5. Similar beauty is found on the last trap before the boss fight in “A Cabal of One.”
    The spikes in that portcullis form a lovely halo of doom.

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